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Re: Nmap/netwag problem.
From: Kaj Huisman <kaj.huisman () gmail com>
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 14:25:18 +0200

Aleph One wrote:
Hi all,
       I faced a problem running two tools producing totally different results.
What i did is described as ...I ran nmap on a IP with these parameters
: syn scan,dont ping,very verbose ,aggressive scan..it showed ports 80
n 1723 filtered.I ran this scan from Linux box.
Same time ,i used netwag to scansame ip which showed these ports open.

What can be the problem..??please help.


A nmap syn scan does not initiate a full connection, it sends a syn in the hope it will recieve a syn-ack to wich it will then respond with a rst (iirc). I could not directly extract from the netwox site what type of scan they utilise (perhaps a 'full connect' scan ?).

Anyway. a 'full connect' scan (one that performs the complete three-way handshake will _always_ (?) be the most reliable. My sugeestion is to perform either a nmap connect scan on the ports from both results or to manually telnet to the ports and see the response.

Hope that helps, G'Day

PS: The manual page for nmap contains more information about how different scans produce different reports, the protocols are just guidelines for the manufacturers, implementations may vary.

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