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Re: Application Assessment
From: goenw <goenw.mailinglist () gmail com>
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 08:58:54 +0700

Thanks a lot for your reply, just return from my trip. here is more details regarding the assessment. 1. there is a list of application listed to be assess which include a standalone win32 executable, but mainly more to web application.
2. the assessment will be from user perspective (no source code)
3. the assessment is a security assessment to find out about the regular type of break-ins (buffer-overflow, dos, etc) 4. anybody have experience with external party, which are able to share the experience (scope of work, test case, etc)

Thanks and Regards,

AdamT wrote:

On 8/8/05, goenw <goenw.mailinglist () gmail com> wrote:

anybody have experience with application assessment ? I am a network
guy, dont know much about the apps PT.
1. is there any tools that allow me to do the assessment throughly ?
2. should i have external party conduct this, what are the things i
should expect from them (success criteria) ?
any comments are appriciated.

Can you be more specific about the application that you're testing?
eg - is it a standalone win32 executable, or perhaps a web application?
Will you be testing the infrastructure on which it runs also?
Does the application rely on input from either the user, other
processes, drivers or other hosts on a network?
Big question - will you have access to the source code? All of it? Example - not much use having access to the source of application.exe
if you don't get the source to applib1.dll

If you're looking to get an external party in, you need to think about
what levels of assurance you need for this particular application.  If
it's a branded screen-saver that you want to distribute as a PR
exercise, your needs (and testing methods) will be very different from
testing a custom web banking application.

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