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Re: All of the things you need to learn to be a pen-tester (Re: Pen t est basic needs)
From: Matt Reid <matthew () servepath com>
Date: Fri, 05 Aug 2005 15:06:24 -0700

Hi all,

Here is a basic list of some progs to use for pen-testing. If anyone wants to add some on here in the respective categories we could get a really good list going for pen-testers!

-Matt Reid

*Port Scanners*
Amap – versioning port scanner
NMap – general purpose port scanner
pPscan – proxy port scanner
Vuln Scanners*
Nessus – general vul. scanner
DNAscan – for ASP
Owa – Outlook Web
Nikto – http vulns

*Brute Forcers & Crackers*
John the Ripper – password cracker
WlGen – word list generator
Hydra – multi-protocol authentication brute forcer

*DNS enumeration*
Ghba – RDNS scanner
Dig – DNS lookup util
Nslookup – interactive name server query engine

Tcpdump – network traffic dumper
Ethereal – network traffic analyzer – use in conjunction with tcpdump
Kismet – wifi traffic analyzer

*Dicts [to concat into larger file]*
Argon – 2GB dict file
Cracklib -  another good one
Word.lst  - word list

*Trojans & Rootkits*
BackOrifice - Back Orifice is not a virus. It is in essence a remote administration tool.
LRK – Linux-kernel Root Kit
Netbus - NetBus runs under the NT operating system as well as Win95/98

*Firewall Throughpass*
Firewalk – trace packets through firewall filters

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