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RE: Hacking to Xp box
From: "Omar A. Herrera" <omar.herrera () oissg org>
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2005 20:35:10 -0500

Hi Juan,

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From: Juan B [mailto:juanbabi () yahoo com]
Hi Guys

Please give me a hend here.

Im trying to penetrate the CEO box to show him why we
need better security in our company, he told me to
show me how it can be done. he has xp pro sp 2
with all the pathches installed and FW enbled but I
cant ! I tried to use metasploit with the ms rpc dcom
exploit but it didnt worked. nessus found port 135 139
2000 and ntp are opened and also he can read some smb
shares and also outputed that this host doesnt disgard
SYN packets that have the FIN flag set. and port 2000
(callback is open).
what I can try more to  break this box? any ideas? I
know I
allways can try to arp poison his arp table and pass
all the machines traffic throw my laptop to capture
some passwords but this is enough. or send him a
trojan but we have a good anti virus protection  .

Your trojan idea seems to be the best in my opinion, just download the
source code for some simple trojan from the Internet and recompile. Most
antivirus products fail to detect some code if you just make simple changes,
play around with the optimization options and recompile them or simply use a
less popular compiler.

My suggestion for this is that you use Bloodshed Dev C++ IDE with MinGW
compiler. Remember, try a very simple trojan that is able to do reverse
connection (small C/C++ Trojans should work). Reverse connection should
succeed since XP SP2 firewall does not provide egress filtering
capabilities. Other personal firewalls do.

Quick note on Antivirus programs: It is not surprising that they fail to
detect changes like this one; that's the problem with black list technology.


Omar Herrera

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