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What ever happened to the Netbios share scanner utilities?
From: madmexATmoonstarDOTcom () securityfocus com
Date: 13 Sep 2005 06:26:34 -0000

Having been a longtime reader of this list, I understand the general (let's call it) "disdain" for those security 
professionals who run nessus/iss/whathaveu scans and A)call that a pentest and B) call themselves pentesters (I call 
these people App-jockeys, all click and no think.  So let me open with the statement that while I do run these types of 
scans as part of my duties as a security engineer, I am not a dedicated pen-tester nor do I claim that my kung-fu is as 
adept as many of the VERY educated posters here.

Having said that I have a very simple question that has been eluding me as of late.  What ever happened to the 
evolution of the Windows share scanner/brute force utility? 

I've done what I consider to be fairly extensive Google searching, but have not been able to find a utility that fits 
the following parameters:

Run on windows, scans an IP range for machines with accessible netbios shares, and is capable of attempting a brute 
force attempt on these shares, using a wordlist it generates on the fly and is configurable to length and character 
content (much like Brutus).

Come to think of it, only application I've found that comes close is Brutus, however this tool always sets off my AV 
software and I feel uneasy running any app that requires me to disable my AV software (Symantec).  Even then, I can't 
seem to get Brutus to work and the documentation is less than extensive.  The rest of the tools I've found are 
hoplessly outdated (PQwak or Xsharez anyone?) and attempt to exploit an ancient vulnerability in the way Win9x systems 
handled authentication.  If only Rhino9 still coded apps, there was an elegant simplicity to those apps...

My guess is the evolution of this slowed ever since more and more ISPs started to block netbios traffic from getting to 
their clients, however as many of the big name viruses have shown us, netbios can still be a soft-underbelly of attack.

Is there something wrong with the Google incantations I'm using? I've tried many combinations of: Brute force, netbios, 
share, scanner, smb, and a few others.  I can't seem to get it right.

I'd appreciate anyones time in bringing me from darkness into light on this puzzlement of mine.


Karlo --madmexATmoonstarDOTcom

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