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Re: Whitespace in passwords
From: Paul Robertson <compuwar () gmail com>
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 13:47:28 -0400

On 9/9/05, Peter Parker <peterparker () fastmail fm> wrote:

Most of the available crackers have option to brute all possible
characters (including whitespaces). We want strong password because we
dont want them to be compromised (by anymeans)

Strong passwords *normally* force users to write them down, and unless
you've exposed a dictionary-attackable service like OWA, don't really
help- since the big risk is local exploitation where those little
yellow notes make all the difference.

Since _most_ of the precomputed tables available for rainbow crack are
generally not one generated with whitespaces so I started using it
regularly in my passwords :D

1.  Thanks for helping reduce the keyspace necessary to acquire your
passwords :-P
2.  The newest Shmoo tables include the space character.
3.  Disabling backwards-compatible hashes and the local storage of
hashes (if possible) will go a lot further than hoping that an
attacker's tables don't have the characters you're using or that the
math doesn't suddenly become easy.
4.  OTPs which are well-generated in hardware are generally worth more
than any other scheme for solving the password problem.


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