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RE: Password "security" - was"Passwords with Lan Manager (LM) under Windows" and "Whitespace in passwords"
From: "Miguel Dilaj" <mdilaj () nccglobal com>
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 15:28:14 +0100

Hi Dave,

Lepton's Crack can, for sure. I dunno if the version with non-printable
characters is 20040914 or 20040916 (the later is not online, I'm afraid, I
have it on a CD somewhere).
Just had a look at the CHANGES file:

        - Added support for any ASCII character (ie. also non-printable) in
          the charset and regex definition, via \0(octal), \x(hex),

Do a Google search for

        password cracker "non printable" characters

And have fun collating the results.


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From: dave kleiman [mailto:dave () isecureu com] 
Sent: 26 September 2005 15:00
To: 'Miguel Dilaj'
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Subject: RE: Password "security" - was"Passwords with Lan Manager (LM) under
Windows" and "Whitespace in passwords"

Regarding "Whitespace in passwords", and as some people already 
mentioned, modern password cracking software (both commercial and 
free) can find non-printable chars, so space or ALT-whatever are going 
to be found anyway. Rainbow tables now tend to include space, but I 
still haven't heard of anyone producing a table for 0x00-0xff
(0x0000-0xffff if you use extended unicode chars ;-)
Applications CAN be broken by using strange characters, so YMMV.

Can you provide a list of those that have that ability, I will gladly test

The most popular ones cannot i.e. L0pht, Cain etc. See:


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