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Re: DCOM Security.
From: n0g0o13 <ttw () cobbled net>
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 21:46:12 +0100

On 26.09-16:54, njfanelli () hotmail com wrote:
I?m unfamiliar with Microsofts component services.
A client of mine has a local workgroup application that creates a
connection (ipsec) to a domain server, the application calls a
server component (dcom) via anonymous access. The developer has a
password embedded with in the local app to authenticate the
anonymous account.  From this point the component forwards over a
request to another server for a Foxpro database (without any
additional security). Is there a way to exploit the anonymous
account if the workgroup client were to get compromised?  How
concerned should I be with the possibility of the code being
decompiled?  Additionally the programmer has domain credentials hard
coded into the application in order to perform an upload of
information that is created.  Suggestions?  Thank you in advance

DCOM is nothing to do with security it is the distributed object
model -- microsoft's version of CORBA -- if you will.  i'm not an
expert but there is basically no security offered by DCOM.

this sounds like typical braindamage programming and security being
patched over with whatever could be found.

you'll have trouble getting the password or domain info from the
wire as it's going to be encrypted but the chances are that

if you can get a copy of the binary you could de-compile it but i
don't think that will be necessary.  a simple dump of it will likely
yeild results (remember unicode, though).

you have two challenges.  cracking the workstation to
get the binary from which to extract username, password, and domain
info.  this will not be much if you can gain physical access to the
computer as a simple floppy or memory stick will do the job

the second challenge is going to be accessing the server.  if you
are lucky then the server is only using IPSEC to hide the fact that
the password is plain text (which is _highly_ probable).  this means
you can use an open connection from anywhere else and crack away at
both the DCOM connection object and possibly the foxpro DB (which is
probably simpler).  if it's not -- if there's a reasonable policy on
the server connections -- then you have to crack that somehow.  if
you can gain privilaged access to the workstation then you are set
-- review and copy the policy and any keys/passwords required.

this _probably_ isn't going to be a hard one to crack.

good luck with it.

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