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Re: Whitespace in passwords
From: "Bruce K. Marshall" <bkmlstsgohere () comcast net>
Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2005 15:00:54 -0500


I don't believe there is any reason that people are discouraged from using the space character other than application programming restrictions. If the space character was a field delimeter or otherwise broke the coded password processing function the programmers wouldn't allow it in a password.

I don't see this restriction very often these days. But we do have Microsoft treating the space character differently than any other. They don't classify it as lowercase, uppercase, number, or symbol when checking the password against complexity requirements. I consider it a symbol, and it falls within the top 10 most popular symbols when analyzing password choices. But even then it is not a popular character.

Making complete use of all available characters is important for increasing the difficulty of password cracking. It isn't enough to just make the space character available and then only encourage people to use letters and numbers.

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Subject: Whitespace in passwords

generally, and i dont know if this is social conditioning due to the misnomer "passWORD" rather than passPHRASE but it seems that [most?] people choose passes that dont contain whitespaces, and in fact, there are some system implementations that wont allow whitespaces in the password. my main question, re security, is wether the whitespace made the password too vulnerable? [historically] and why this constraint is introduced in many systems.. [but then, if myth- why propogate it?] i'm thinking that whitespaces [if yr system can handle them, and why not?] would add another measure of complexity in cracking pwds?

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