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RE: Licensed Penetration Tester LPT
From: "Craig Wright" <cwright () bdosyd com au>
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2006 07:42:38 +1000

The difficultly is in language. That used on the list seldom conforms to
the legal use. Expert opinion is deemed to be that which is factually
correct in the court of law. This may be opinion based on the standing
and knowledge of the expert and the expert is to be held to account
(Tort of Negligence) for failure to apply an acceptable level of care.

Opinion as per your personal belief or as to the guilt or innocence of
either party are not relevant and any personal belief, any other aspect
of the term is likely to be used by the opposing party to their benefit.

I am happy to go on about the legal role of opinion and evidence, but I
think most people on the list are unlikely to want this.

Judges only decide fact "sub judice". This is in cases without a jury.
Any case in Georgia with expert forensic testimony will be lead before a
jury. The jury decides the facts, not the judge. The judge has the role
of applying law.

The judge's role is to apply the law to the determined facts. In cases
with a jury the facts are applied and decided by the jury (hence where
good advocates come into play - some should have been sales people).

"Surely not hired by defendant directly without involvement of
counsel?!" Well this can occur. It is the right (in most countries) of
the defendant to self determination. This is they may if they choose
represent themself.

You need to look at the primary focus of the task. Incident response
"may" involve going to court as a witness. This if you are working for
the firm taking action will be solely as a witness. You are a witness to
the event. This is not the same as being an expert witness hired to do
the investigation.

The primary focus of incident response is NOT to go to court. How many
people here go to work thinking, "who am I going to catch and charge

Now ask what the focus of the investigation is. If it is to see what has
occurred and forensically examine the host for signs of intrusion etc,
than this is not covered by the PI law.

If your primary goal is to go through systems in order to find evidence
against a particular person without any reason, i.e. an employee that
the company what's to fire is the "target". No justification is given.
No obvious damage has occurred etc. Than this may be covered, but this
is not what any ethical or responsible digital forensic analyst would


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On Thu, 2006-04-27 at 15:34 +1000, Craig Wright wrote:
The idea is that you stick to the facts. The moment you get into
is where issues may arise. Expert testimony is about fact. Not

You can't generalize like that. Expert testimony is very well about
opinion. Not your personal opinion/view of right or wrong (judges decide
that), but your opinion on the case matter. For example, the court may
ask you your opinion on the common/normal use of certain software where
the plaintiff/defendant is suspected of misusing it. Your opinion has to
be based on facts, not outside influence or such, but in the end, it is
your opinion that convinces a jury or helps a judge to understand the
circumstance so he can pass judgment.

The Georgia law is applicable to criminal law cases - and ONLY
law cases.

If you are hired by the state (i.e. Police, AG etc) - you are covered
under exemption. If you are hired by the defence, you are hired by the
attorney. This means that you also become covered under the rule
you are ignorant of judicial requirements and start spouting opinion
without a solid factual basis.

I'm glad to hear that, and I think that most uses of expert witnesses
fall into this group (being hired by attorney, civil or district).

But I wonder in what circumstances this rule does apply then? If you're
not working for counsel, how else might you end up in court? Surely not
hired by defendant directly without involvement of counsel?!?


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