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RE: xss....what next???
From: Richard Braganza <Richard.Braganza () siemens com>
Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2006 16:18:58 +0100

IMHO (but thanks must go to rsnake for his xss guide),

Actually the trust relationship you want can be extended to include the
user's browser not just the user.

I have used this to great effect in web app testing
Assuming website admins use the same website login process as normal
make use of an admin user's escalated privilege - i.e. you get a website
admin to run your xss and add a user etc., without the admin knowing
they did it. (this is the browser trust part)

Admittedly it took a while to craft the attacks with many failed

How many times when surfing the internet has your browser said there is
an error on the page and you simply carried on using the site and
ignored the issue. Were the sites, sites you had control over...

For easy wins:

I prefer testing(attacking) sign up (the admins on some sites choose who
can sign up) and forgot password pages (admins tend to use a web based
logs and just maybe they want the stats of failed logins) as these tend
to have unlogged on access and hence the audit trail is weaker (IP can
be spoofed as you do not care for the response) and no site credentials
required. In short attack the pages that an admin is likely to also use
and see the results of (in one form or another)

And message boards if logged in.

Picking the easy wins in a time limited test is where web app testing
becomes an art rather than a methodology - but now I am off topic.


Richard Braganza
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Sent: 14 August 2006 06:54
To: Ahmad N
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Subject: Re: xss....what next???

On 8/14/06, Ahmad N <ahmad1985 () gmail com> wrote:

I managed to find a website prone to xss, this might sound stupid, but
whats next ??? how can i use it to the maximum ??? i managed to pass
javascript to a jspz arguments.....but I really can't c how much
potential i have now???

well now you do a few things:

1. see if you can send a link with the xss to a user, while he is
logged in, and have him click it. if so, steal his session.

failing that,
2. send the link with the xss to somebody and forge the sites content
with your own, thereby tricking them into paying information to the
wrong account, or calling the wrong phone number, etc.

failing that,
3. nothing.

xss is only good if you can trick someone into trusting something. if
they don't trust it to begin with, it's useless.

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