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Re: How to check an Executive's notebook
From: killy <killfactory () gmail com>
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 11:20:23 -0400

Maybe use DD and pipe an image of the laptop across the wire to
another workstation using NetCat. :) while he is at lunch.

Even easier would be to capture a physical memory image while he is on
the laptop. (using NetCat+DD again)
That might just amuse me. lol

Follow him to his favorite Internet cafe and have much fun...lol.
Don't let him see you there.
Then when you get his email password off the wire (Cain and Able) you
can use it to connect to his C$ and let a message for him. God forbid
he uses the same password for everything.
He said no data could come off the laptop, but he said nothing about
putting anything on his laptop.

another technique:
WMIC is a nice little tool native to windows. it can be used to
remotely gather information about a system.

I saw a koo webcast @ sans regarding this technique. I think it was
called Command line Kung-fu or somehting like that.

There are also some koo .pl scripts on Harlan Carvey's website. google him.

On 8/5/06, itsec.info <itsec.info () gmail com> wrote:

I have a client who is a very high powered Executive and he asked me to check
his notebook regarding security etc.
Actually this would be any easy task but he is not willing to hand over his
notebook to me and I am not allowed to retrieve any data from it.

Well how can you assess such a notebook and also the person's behaviour
regarding security (e.g. reading his private email via smtp and the like)?

The only idea I found so far is to re-direct the notebook's Internet traffic
through a proxy and then I can examine this traffic and give him some advice.

Any other ideas are very welcomed.


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