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Re: remote shell on windows 2000 server.
From: brad Causey <bradcausey () gmail com>
Date: Thu, 03 Aug 2006 22:07:05 -0500


Have you been able to validate that the NC.exe proc is listening? You
could insert a "netstat -a" into a table via the xp_cmd or maybe the
results of "wmic PROCESS list" (you may have to run wmic once to enable
the WMI CLI)


Mike Klingler wrote:
     I am working on a pen test and have had a lot of success wothing
with sql injection to get to the database.  I moved on to try to
obtain shell access.  I have been able to upload netcat.exe via tftp.
However I haven't been able to get the system to connect to my landing
point with netcat either outbound reverse or inbound standard.  Even
when using UPD port 69 (The same port that the tftp transaction
occurs)  I was able to get a connection from the test system with the
same parameters. I can execute command line paramteres via the
master..xp_cmdshell sql command and get feed back from the execution
of the command via bulk inserts into create tables, but I haven't been
able to get the remote shell.  The user account appears to be limited
since I don't have access to the windows folders.  Does anyone have
any advice for me that would allow me to obtain remote shell?  I would
love to use this system as a launching pad for others on the LAN.

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