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RE: Pen Test Contracts
From: "Richard Feist" <richard () bluesec net>
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2006 09:19:06 +1200


Have a look at the OSSTMM, www.isecom.org/osstmm . While it doesn't directly
answer yout question it does provide a view of what should be covered, and
thus mentioned in the doc you are asking about


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From: Robert J. Kraus [mailto:rkraus () telcomtex net] 
Sent: 14 July 2006 02:03
To: Christine Kronberg
Cc: pen-test () securityfocus com
Subject: RE: Pen Test Contracts


Thanks for the info! I appreciate your time spent for 
replying to my post.I found your calculation to be very 
helpful and located a "Get out of Jail Free" doc on the 
website you recommended.

I was planning on using a different approval for internal and 
external, but only slight verbiage changes between them. More 
or less just the audience is different, was planning on still 
using one, just slightly different to address the correct 
audience. Much of the content will be the same.

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From: Christine Kronberg [mailto:seeker () shalla de]
Sent: Thursday, July 13, 2006 6:11 AM
To: Robert J. Kraus
Cc: pen-test () securityfocus com
Subject: Re: Pen Test Contracts

   Hi Rob,

I am curious if anyone happens to have a few documents that 
may assist

me. I am not looking to re-create the wheel and would 
appreciate any 

I am looking for a few templates that I can use for (of 
course I would

modify them to reflect my organizations):

1.    Internal Approval for penetration testing. This is 
the type you 
would use to gain written approval from your internal management to 
perform penetration testing on your own network.

2.    Customer Approval Contract for External Penetration Testing - 
This form is used for getting written approval from your 
customers to 
perform penetration testing on their networks. This usually will
the scope and any guidelines for the engagement of the pen-testing 

   Why do you make an distinction between the approval for 
internal and
   external (customer side) pen testing? For an internal test 
   is the customer.
   For the contract you may take a look at:

3. Proposal. If anyone has a example of a proposal for costing 
information for different services.

   The costs rely entirely on time and effort. A simple portscan is
   (no pentest and) easily archieved. The verification of the results
   take some more time (and knowledge), yet this is usually not some-
   thing expensive.

   In case of penetration tests you can try this kind of rough

   * assumption:      network with 20 clients
   * assumption: each client offers 10 services
   =>  that make 200 examinations

   an on:
   * assumption: each examination takes 15 minutes.
   * assumption: the working day has 8 hours.
   => that makes 6,25 days of work.
   Now use your daily rate to estimate the costs and don't forget the
   time you need to write and present your report.

   Of course, 15 minutes for an examination is ... not very much,
   if you do your job properly. So the testing, even with support
   of automized tools, will not be very deep. And don't forget there
   is still the time it takes to verify your data.
   But this little example gives an idea about the costs and why a
   penetration test can be very, very expensive.

   Have a nice day,

   Christine Kronberg.

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