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re: Covert Microphone Application
From: gg <geekgirl () gate net>
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2006 10:12:12 -0400 (GMT-04:00)

Wake on Lan?


From: Craig Wright [mailto:cwright () bdosyd com au]
Sent: Fri 7/28/2006 6:12 PM
To: m () wb com
Cc: Matt Burnett; shiri_yacov () yahoo com; pen-test () securityfocus com

No, you should not assume. There is nothing to state the host is on a
network. There are ways to do this without network access (eg an application
that monitors all the time and records when the sound levels go over a
certain threshold).

You could also argue control via wireless networks/bluetooth.

There may be limited access at certain times. Is the host on at all times
even? It may be in the room but if it is not turned on for most meetings
what use is this. Assumptions are a sign of poor planning and a lack of
understanding of the issues. How hard is it to ask a simple question first?


From: Mike Kuriger [mailto:m () wb com]
Sent: Sat 29/07/2006 3:40 AM
To: Craig Wright
Cc: Matt Burnett; shiri_yacov () yahoo com; pen-test () securityfocus com

The whole point of the challenge is that the employee told his boss that
a hacker could get into the laptop and spy on meetings.  We should
assume that the laptop is on the network, and that the challenge
requires making the recording from a remote location.  Anyone can plant
a bug, but the employee is making a case that there already is a bug in
place (the laptop)


Craig Wright wrote:

How about not all making assumptions on how the machine is configured

No body has asked if the machine is networked- you are all making an
assumption that may be invalid. What O/S is the host running.
Statistically the likelihood is XP not Linux. Thus telnet is likely

Even if it is XP, is Remote admin/desktop enabled or disabled by policy.
Is the host on a domain etc etc etc.

Ask some questions, don't make assumptions.


-----Original Message-----
From: Matt Burnett [mailto:marukka () mac com]

Sent: Friday, 28 July 2006 1:58 AM
To: shiri_yacov () yahoo com
Cc: pen-test () securityfocus com

Wouldnt it just be a lot easier for you or your boss to disconnect
the microphone cable than going though some elaborate scheme to prove
it could possibly be done? If they can "ruled" any laptop at will
then couldnt they also get into your mail servers? Wouldnt anything
that would be discussed in your meeting generate followups in a email?

On Jul 26, 2006, at 4:55 AM, shiri_yacov () yahoo com wrote:

Hi all,

I have recently entered with my boss to our corp. conference room
to discover a new (shining) internet laptop on a side desk in the
During our chat I mentioned that the laptop has a builtin
microphone and therefore enables covert eavsdropping in case the
laptop is "ruled" from remote position, and therefore, a conference
room PC should have no builtin mic.
My sceptic boss replied instantly - "I challange you, bring me a
recording of any meeting - I`ll replace the laptop, and you`ll receive
I therefore need a small covert application (no need in process
hiding), which will record microphone input to file. command line
application is perfect.

Do any of you know any ?

Guys, I gotta have this laptop...



Mike Kuriger
Sr. Systems Engineer
WarnerBros Online
m () wb com
aim - mikekuriger

Like a seedling in Spring, green and vulnerable.

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