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Re: Covert Microphone Application
From: "Aaron" <microchp () microchp org>
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2006 22:00:49 -0700

On Sun, 30 Jul 2006 11:52:39 +0200
 Volker Tanger <vtlists () wyae de> wrote:

Or as "on demand" audio espionage device: most cellphones with attached headset can be switched to auto-answer. In this case you usually cannot switch the cellphone to silent mode - to prevent exactly
this attack vector.

But you can switch off vibration alert - and when loading the cellphone with custom ring tones usually noone will notice. Such ringtones could be ultrasonic WAV/MP3s (http://www.ultrasonic-ringtones.com/) or similarily MIDI file with a single ultra-quiet (velocity=1),
extremely high or low and ultra-short tone.

The only problem for a few cellphone models is to find a combined headset+charger plug if it only has one connector (like the Siemens models) if you want to install a "permanent" listening device. But then the excuse "I thought it was stolen - it must have slipped out" does not
hold anymore.  ;-)




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To add to that; most cell phones have firmware replacements or what some would call hacks or mods that are easy to customize and install. This of course will void your warrentee and make you a terrah-ist, but... you can go beyond using ring tones that are quiet.

Instead, mod the phone so that none of the buttons do anything, the power button only turns the phone on, but not off and the lcd display no longer backlights or has anything visible on the display. Hard code it to auto-answer instantly.

Even if someone finds the phone, they will think it is dead/broken. The only way they will know it is working; or for that matter transmitting, would either be to have a poorly shielded amplifier (pc speakers) near it, or have an RF detector. Have a "Reward if returned" sticker under the battery so that your victims hand your phone back to you in exchange for twenty bucks or so.

Oh, and disable the "battery alert" as well so it doesnt beep once the battery starts to die. You can also set the earpiece volume and ringer volume to never go above 0.

Set a key combination that returns the lcd display and keys to normal operation. You can find examples of that in most existing firmware code, such as those used to display details regarding signal strenth, cell site identifiers, network codes and more.

This is of course all theory. I have no memory of sending this email. In fact, I didn't.

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