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RE: Brutus issue
From: "Isaac Van Name" <ivanname () southerlandsleep com>
Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2006 10:46:29 -0600

Well, Base 64 is an encryption method... of course, that would really only
matter if you had the hashes.  That being said, you had the answer the whole
time.  Note this excerpt from the readme.txt file for a Hydra Windows

* uniq your dictionary files! this can save you a lot of time :-)
    cat words.txt | sort | uniq > dictionary.txt
* if you know that the target is using a password policy (allowing users
  only to choose password with a minimum length of 6, containing a least one
  letter and one number, etc. use the tool pw-inspector which comes along
  with the hydra package to reduce the password list:
    cat dictionary.txt | pw-inspector -m 6 -c 2 -n > passlist.txt

Yeah, read that second one.  That's what the readme is there for.  If you
get lost after reading that, I suggest you pursue a different line of work.

Oh, and after you're done "pen testing" your client, I've got an igloo I've
love to sell them.

Isaac Van Name
Systems Administrator

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Original> On Behalf Of Juan B
Original> Sent: Tuesday, October 31, 2006 5:28 PM
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Original> Subject: Brutus issue
Original> Hi,
Original> I am conducting a pen test for a client of mine.
Original> in his web server he is using basic authntication
Original> (base 64)
Original> I need to issue a brute force attack against his
Original> authentication scheme.
Original> I know that the users and password are all numbers.
Original> foe example the user might be something as:
Original> 5486
Original> and the password could be :
Original> 546846533
Original> The users are limited to 4 numbers and the passwords
Original> for 8 numbers.
Original> How I can tell brutus or hydra to use only numbers in
Original> the brute force?
Original> Thanks very much !
Original> Juan
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