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solaris root-setuid script to gain root?
From: "Vitalik N." <robert.morris.jr () gmail com>
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2007 21:23:59 +1000


I was doing pen testing the other day and I found one root suid script
left by some of the web developers:

-rwsr-x--x  1 root   users  /home/web/c.cgi

which is basically a bash script:

------ cut ------------

------ cut ------------

And our system was recently compromised. Some local user was able to
gain root access. Could this script be the way of gaining root access?

According to http://www.unix.com/tips-and-tutorials/36711-the-whole-story-on-usr-bin-ksh.html
"Because it was not possible to write a secure suid shell script, the concept
of suid shell scripts was removed from Unix." But then it says "Solaris now
supports suid shell" !
I tried modifying the PATH variable and creating my own "uname" program.
But my uname program runs with local user privs instead of root. I
also tried the
other attack described in the link above: "link to -i" but this didn't
work as well.
So could this script be the problem?

P.S: The machine runs SunOS 5.6 with all updates

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