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RE: Evil autorun CD - ideas ? downloadable exploits anywhere ?
From: "Shenk, Jerry A" <jshenk () decommunications com>
Date: Wed, 2 May 2007 21:28:14 -0400

How about something a little "less intrusive" - just grab ipconfig,
netstat, net user, net share and some other simple basic machine info
and post it to a waiting website.  That would be enough to id the
machine, maybe the user, perhaps some other info.  For a pen-test, it
would be enough to generate a really interesting write-up on people
putting unknown CDs in their computer and demonstrate the danger of

Now, rooting every box that runs the CD...that would be even more
interesting...but, if it's part of a pen-test, I'm not sure where the
problem would be...a user taking the CD home would definitely be
interesting...might be a little tough to keep that in scope.  Maybe put
a warning label on it not to remove it from the building;)

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Subject: Evil autorun CD - ideas ? downloadable exploits anywhere ?

On the Internet there is much talk about hacking through "evil USB

I was inspired by a talk by John Craddock where he told the following 
- He would bake a stack of CD's and bring them to a conference. The
would gradually "evaporate" as people took a CD - even though the stack 
was not marked as "free for taking".  When people inserted the CD a tune

would be played. Gradually he would start hearing tunes in the 
neighbourhood as people inserted the CD ...

It would be fun to make a few of these CD's and use them during a
Of course the payload should be more malicious then.

Question: Has anyone tried this before? Did it work?

Greetings, Petr Kazil

I will try to build a CD that will contain a photo viewer and a set of 
innocent pictures. But it will try to install a keylogger and send the 
collected data to a temporary server that I will install on the network.

My hope is that if I download C++ keylogger source code, modify it a bit

and compile it myself, that I will be able to evade virus checkers. I
might compile and install a network listener backdoor. At the moment I'm

not even dreaming about rootkits and encrypted channels to the outside 
world - that's much too difficult for me.

I don't think it will be able to collect password hashes or Active 
Directory passwords because the script and programs will be running as a

normal domain user. But anyway it will be an interesting proof of

I wasn't able to find any exploit details on Google. I just get a lot of

articles about the risks of autorun and ways to disable it ... 

This idea has one big risk - suppose someone takes the CD home. Then I 
would be committing a criminal act if I exploited his home computer. The

articles about USB-stick pentesting don't mention this risk.

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