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RE: Sneaking a peek on Wlan in airports
From: "R. DuFresne" <dufresne () sysinfo com>
Date: Tue, 29 May 2007 12:05:20 -0400 (EDT)

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On Thu, 17 May 2007, Erin Carroll wrote:


Tremaine has a point I'd like to tangent from. There are many posts that
come across the list that can be interpreted as actions or events which are
questionable given the scenario. Unless explicitly stated by someone or
obviously illegal, please try to assume that the question or situation is of
a benign nature. We could argue about intentions or likelihood until we're
blue in the face but it generally devolves to flaming or not-so-nice
inferences that I do not want on this list.

Yes, there are script kiddies and unethical behavior in our profession...
But let's focus on the issue at hand and not the motive: You encounter
leaking sensitive data that was not in scope of a job or part of your duties
etc. What should you do?

If it's not within the scope of your job, you should have the "danger Will Robinson" voice in your head alert you to walk away, and walk away fast to avoind breaking laws written and implied that might well end you career, might end up your being branded a terrorist, or worse.

Now, you might make note of this, and use this clue to desing an experiment on resources you own and have rights to play with, with a future project of writing a paper on an issue not documented if this is what one has "discovered". But certainly not this day in age act upon it.


Ron DuFresne

p.s. I do not agree with erin here, one should always in these lists question motive, it plays an important role, and guides the response. - -- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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