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Re: AppScan and IDS evasion
From: Joseph McCray <joe () learnsecurityonline com>
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2008 06:28:43 -0400

Although I'm really not one for closed source commercial tools so I
can't give any configuration advice for AppScan - I've gotten the chance
to up against my fair share of IPS Solutions with open source tools.

You've already gotten the major steps recommended to you:

1. Attack on port 443

2. Slow down your scan, only check for a few things at a time

3. Use some sort of proxy and/or tor

Sounds like you are already "SOL" and getting your IP blocked over and
and over already so you might just want to chalk this pentest up to a
learning experience and start planning for your next assessment.

As one person mentioned it's not uncommon for the administrator to
whitelist your attack IP address(es) from the security solution in

You might want to play with something like Active Filter Detection from
PureHacking.com and also halberd you might as well verify that the site
isn't load balanced while you are at it.

The bottom line is you need to have your IP(s) excluded or you are going
to have to drop AppScan and go manual against the site using a proxy
and/or Tor most likely with some different encoding of your attacks as
well to have a REAL chance against a decent IPS, or Web App Firewall.

If you are already in the middle of the assessment and the clock is
ticking, I don't see how you have time for the manual option so you
should probably ask to have your IP excluded. 

Hope this helps....


On Sat, 2008-05-24 at 16:14 +0200, Pen Testing wrote:

I've launched AppScan against a web application and I'm being
blocked/banned (since I have a dynamic IP I can reboot my router and
get another IP, which is shortly banned again, as long as the attack
persists). Since AppScan doesn't have any kind of IDS evasion (AFAIK),
what could I do?

Of course, I can perform a manual audit (which I was going to do
anyway, automatic scanners are only the first phase) but do you have
other ideas to bypass the locking mechanism? Perhaps I could put in
place some kind of proxy applying IDS-evasion techniques, so I could
configure AppScan to use that proxy, and this last one would be in
charge of manipulate/rewrite the requests to bypass IDS. Does such a
proxy exist?

It would be nice if you could point to some good and practical
anti-IDS paper, doc and tools.

Thank you.

PS: I don't know which kind of IDS is in use (perhaps it's not a
full-IDS but some anomaly detection as the one included in Checkpoint
FW-1 but I don't have that information).


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