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Re: UCSniff 3.0 Released
From: Joshua Wright <jwright () hasborg com>
Date: Tue, 03 Nov 2009 09:22:31 -0500

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Sipera VIPER Labs has released UCSniff 3.0:

Here are some of the key features of the new version:

 * Real time VoIP and Video monitoring. [ as presented at ToorCon 11, San Diego]
 * New codec support, G729, G726, G723.
 * GUI version of Windows and Linux. [ as presented at DefCon 17]
 * TFTP MitM Modification of IP phone settings.
 * New VideoSnarf tool - Converts offline RTP pcap file to media file.
 * Windows VLAN implementation, for VLAN Hopping in Windows.

As a personal anecdote, I saw Arjun and Jason present the latest
developments in UCSniff at ToorCon 11 and was awed at how smoothly the
features worked, and the power of the video manipulation features.

Jason and Arjun's demo used a Cisco IPTV camera for video surveillance,
watching a bottle of water.  First, they established MitM (I believe
through ARP spoofing) and saved a segment of the existing video traffic.
 Then, they blocked the actual stream from the camera to the receiver
and fed the receiver the old video footage instead, causing a momentary
blip on the video monitoring side.  Then, they stole the bottle of
water, while the video monitoring system happily replayed the old footage.

It reminded me of the A-Team episode where Murdoch climbed into the
ceiling and lifted a ceiling tile from above, then used a Polaroid
camera to take an instant picture of the room from the perspective of a
ceiling-mounted camera.  Then, he taped the photo to the front of the
camera so the security guards saw the same view while the rest of the
team went through the room undetected.  Well, except that Arjun and
Jason's work was much cooler (and a lot less

Congrats to Jason and Arjun for their awesome work, this is a tool I'm
looking forward to using in upcoming customer engagements.

- -Josh
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