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Re: Solaris Beginner
From: David Howe <DaveHowe.Pentest () googlemail com>
Date: Wed, 06 Jan 2010 12:23:16 +0000

pma111 wrote:
Is it possible to access data from a Solaris Server on Windows XP machine? If
so could you provide tools or strategies to accomplish this. I've heard of
SAMBA but would prefer some detail on how this works, i.e a share on the
Solaris box would have to be a SAMBA share would it not? Is it possible to
access data on a solaris server from a windows machine in the same active
directory domain, but without any specialist software?

Sure. protocols supported by default on solaris would be sftp (scp) and
nfs. there are tools to mount nfs shares on xp machines, plus of course
there are tools like winscp, filezilla etc to access ssh based file
transfer methods.

solaris can have ftp, and often does; any web browser can access that
obviously. SAMBA running on solaris will offer windows style "shares"
but isn't available by default (you would need to install that yourself)

I have a copy of the /etc/shadow/ file from the Solaris Server which
contains the encrypted passwords but I cannot find any Windows based
crackers that will crack these passwords. 

I think you need some sort of "hacking unix 101" which is a bit detailed
to try and relay here. the canonical tool for brute force attempts
against /etc/shadow is "john the ripper". This is usually a unix/linux
tool (given what you are attacking, that's expected) but there are win32

I also dont know what client
software would be required to access data on the Server from a Windows
machine even if I do decrypt some weak passwords? Did see some mention of
Putty but am unfamiliar with this or SAMBA. I also assume that any "open
file shares" on the Solaris box wont be mappable or reachable to a windows
machine, as is the case on win2k and windows 2003 servers, when all you need
is my network places and hope some of the shares hav been given the deadly
"everyone acl" in NTFS? I appreciate Solaris uses a totally different file
system to NTFS but I assume you can share directories with anyone on the
network if desired? Any tips on accessing data on this Server from Windows
much appreciated.

I think you are probably better starting off with a basic "how linux
works" book and a spare machine booting from a live cd distro; not only
then can you become familiar with the access tools and processes, but
there are a number of packages useful for pentesting *only* available
for unix/linux, which you should familiarize youself with.

Out of interest, what are the mailing lists views on Security of a Solaris
Server if every user on the internal network only have windows machines?
Even if there is a weak password or open file share on the Solaris Server,
without specialist software is it fair to say the windows users still
wouldnt be able to get hold of data on the Server, or is that a very naive
view on things?  

very naive - putty is small enough to fit on a floppy and requires no
installation or administration rights to run.

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