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Re: run nmap automatically from index.html (??)
From: arvind doraiswamy <arvind.doraiswamy () gmail com>
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2011 14:11:24 +0530

I second this. In addition to it, its going to flood your network as
well and trigger off plenty of filtering devices as well if they
aren't tuned correctly.

Wouldn't an easier way be:
--- Have a simple policy that covers users connecting external devices
to the network
--- Have a good access control policy in place [operational and
technical(firewalls etc)] that limits access to anything new

If this is done, you've already isolated things to an extent and
prevented compromised machines from "connecting" to the rest of the

--- Now if you're serious, create a policy/document/whatever which
maps applications in your environment to "what ports it opens". This
becomes your baseline which is continuously edited as and when you're
network changes.

--- After that's in place and ONLY after that's in place, an
Nmap/whatever tool scan once a week,month etc etc [You decide the
period] will give you what is open and non conformant against your

That I think should be enough :)

I understand this is a slightly lengthy way to do it; but IMHO the
only good way. Please correct me if I am wrong.


3.) Figure out how you're going to keep from filling up the web server's
DASD with loads of nmap output.  Think also about the processing power
of the server.  If 50 clients all connect and run nmap at the same time,
how's that going to affect things?  This could quickly turn into an easy
to DoS your own web server.

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