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Re: [Snort-sigs] EOL for Snort and Snort rules reminder
From: waldo kitty <wkitty42 () windstream net>
Date: Tue, 05 Oct 2010 01:13:27 -0400

On 10/5/2010 00:34, Nigel Houghton wrote:
They are not our servers. Please direct your concerns to
snort-site () snort org  We can forward your requests too.

i hope that's not another list i have to sign up for... i have forwarded your 
replay and all the quotes in it to that address... i think i have a couple of 
others to do as well... especially now that i know that this is only VRT country :?

For the record, VRT has never run the infrastructure for snort.org.
Just in case anyone wondered

AHHHH!!!! geez... no wonder you guys give me those looks you do at times... here 
i thought these were the snort lists that interfaced with all of the snort 
groups and processes... no wonder there's been some of the confusion there has 

Nigel Houghton
Head Mentalist
SF VRT Department of Intelligence Excellence
http://vrt-sourcefire.blogspot.com&&;  http://labs.snort.org/

On Oct 4, 2010, at 10:03 PM, waldo kitty<wkitty42 () windstream net>  wrote:

On 10/4/2010 20:58, Nigel Houghton wrote:
On Mon, 4 Oct 2010 23:01:45 +0000, Michael Green wrote:
So as a registered user I really only have 60 days, because I can't
get a 2.9 rule set for another 30 days. Is that right?

No. The rule packs will still roll over, you still have the 90 days.

can you say if VRT has taken my suggestion(s) on redirecting "registered" users
to the last "registered" user's rules snapshot file when they update their snort
version on the bleeding edge?

for example...

when i get 2.9.0 compiled and working, my automated update routines will query
snort for its version... they will see 2.9.0 and translate that to 2900 for the
rules file pull... when the update script(s) contact the VRT update server with
the OINKCODE and attempt to pull the 2900 rules sets archive, the VRT server
will see that that OINKCODE is for a "registered" user... the last time i ran
into this was when moving to before there was a archive for
"registered" users... the update scripts got a "Forbidden" response from the VRT
server instead of being redirected to the 2860 rules archive like they should be
in a user/automation friendly environment... in this instance, i would expect
that there would be a redirect to the 2861 rules archive for "registered" user
OINKCODEs and that this would be in effect until there is a 2900 rules archive
release in at least 30 days...

does this make sense? i do hope it does this time... it didn't seem to last time :?

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