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Re: [Emerging-Sigs] which SQL injection detection rule is best when considering performance, false-positive, real attack
From: Martin Holste <mcholste () gmail com>
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2010 10:39:44 -0600

One thing to consider: if you're using any http preprocessor content
modifiers like uricontent, then you may decide you don't want to
specify ports to perform inspection on, since the http preproc has
done the work already anyway.

I think #1 is your best bet.  #2 won't work because the URI won't be
normalized (it will be encoded so the literal "+" won't be there).
#3-5 could be interesting, but I don't know if the load would be more
or less than the basic uricontent check.  SQLi via a cookie param or
POST param would be interestingly unconventional and might catch some
by surprise.  Injection via a raw header would also be less likely to
be sanitized, but also less likely to be used as user input.  On the
other hand, who knows how many SQLi vulns exist in web server log stat
packages?  Maybe SQLi on a user-agent field could get your code in
unexpected places.

2010/12/1 김무성 <kimms () infosec co kr>:
Hello list.

which SQL injection detection rule or combination is best when considering
performance, false-positive, real attack?

1.     Alert tcp any any -> any 80 (uricontent:"+and+1";)

2.     Alert tcp any any -> any 80 (content:"+and+1"; nocase;)

3.     Alert tcp any any -> any 80 (content:"+and+1"; http_header; nocase;)

4.     Alert tcp any any -> any 80 (content:"+and+1"; http_cookie; nocase;)

5.     Alert tcp any any -> any 80 (content:"+and+1"; http_client_body;


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