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Re: Barnyard2 2-1.13-BETA
From: Jeff Kell <jeff-kell () utc edu>
Date: Thu, 9 May 2013 19:24:53 -0400

On 4/10/2013 8:52 AM, beenph wrote:
***** We highly recommend ******
 To delete every row in your sig_reference table. (DELETE FROM sig_reference;)
 The table will be re-populated at  process startup, and has no impact
on historical data.

I may have goofed.....   :(

I have had some signatures showing up in the "snort alert [x:yyyyyy:z]"
format for awhile (since converting to BY2).  Hoping that the above hint
was a reference to clearing out the database descriptors, I did a
'delete from signature'; and a 'delete from sig_reference'; and
restarted things.  Now I have nothing at all in the descriptions, at
least from the perspective of BASE...

Well, I take that back... a couple have populated now...

 < Signature >           < Classification >      < Total # > 
 < Source Address >      < Dest. Address > 
ET POLICY Outdated Windows Flash Version IE     policy-violation
13(0%)  4       11
ET POLICY Vulnerable Java Version 1.6.x Detected        bad-unknown     2(0%)   1       2
ET CURRENT_EVENTS DNS Amplification Attack Inbound      bad-unknown
1(0%)   1       1
(3996)/SigName unknown/         /unclassified/  20(0%)  1       5
(4404)/SigName unknown/         /unclassified/  59(0%)  1       2
(5534)/SigName unknown/         /unclassified/  230(1%)         5       4
(5632)/SigName unknown/         /unclassified/  5700(14%)       400     277

So should this clear itself up eventually, or have I hosed my current
alerts database?

(Please reply all, i'm not on the google groups list...)

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