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Unexpected results with reputation preprocessor
From: Dave Corsello <snort-users () wintertreemedia com>
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2014 15:56:40 -0400

Early this morning, I got a number of "reputation: Packet is
blacklisted" alerts in BASE for a single external address that was
attempting to communicate with my mail gateway over port 25.  At first,
it seemed to me that the traffic wasn't dropped as reported, because
half of the alerts are on outbound traffic.  But I see no evidence in my
maillog of inbound or outbound connections involving the offending
address.  So, although the inbound connection attempts were successfully
blocked by the reputation preprocessor, the alerts on the outbound
traffic are erroneous, and must have been generated in error by Snort. 
Any ideas why this might have happened?  I'm using Snort, DAQ
2.02 and barnyard2 2.1.13 on Ubuntu 10.04.3.  According to my alert.fast
file, barnyard2 reported the events accurately as recorded by Snort. 
Snort was configured with --enable-sourcefire and --enable-reload.  Here
are some applicable settings:

From snort.conf:

    var WHITE_LIST_PATH /etc/snort/rules
    var BLACK_LIST_PATH /etc/snort/rules

    preprocessor reputation: \
       memcap 500, \
       priority blacklist, \
       white unblack, \
       nested_ip inner, \
       whitelist $WHITE_LIST_PATH/default.whitelist, \
       blacklist $BLACK_LIST_PATH/default.blacklist

My default.blacklist contains the offending external address.  My
default.whitelist file is empty.  PREPROC_RULE_PATH is set in snort.conf
but never used, and that path contains no files.

From snort.rules:

    drop ( msg: "REPUTATION_EVENT_BLACKLIST"; sid: 1; gid: 136; rev: 1;
    metadata: rule-type preproc ; classtype:bad-unknown; )
    alert ( msg: "REPUTATION_EVENT_WHITELIST"; sid: 2; gid: 136; rev: 1;
    metadata: rule-type preproc ; classtype:bad-unknown; )

Thanks in advance...
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