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71 messages starting Jan 02 04 and ending Mar 31 04
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Friday, 02 January

Switch Off Multiple Vulnerabilities Peter Winter-Smith
Re: Switch Off Multiple Vulnerabilities Peter Winter-Smith

Saturday, 03 January

[SCSA-025] Invision Power Board SQL Injection Vulnerability advisory
Webcam Watchdog Stack Overflow Vulnerability Peter Winter-Smith

Monday, 05 January

Linux kernel mremap vulnerability Paul Starzetz
Re: Linux kernel mremap vulnerability Paul Starzetz

Tuesday, 06 January

Linux mremap bug correction Paul Starzetz

Friday, 09 January

Windows FTP Server Format String Vulnerability Peter Winter-Smith
leafnode -1.9.47 security announcement SA-2004-01 Matthias Andree

Monday, 12 January

SRT2004-01-9-1022 - Symantec LiveUpdate allows local users to become SYSTEM KF
FW: SmoothWall Project Security Advisory SWP-2004:001 Steve W. Manzuik

Tuesday, 13 January

Vulnerability Issues in Implementations of the H.323 Protocol Chris Wysopal
3 new Microsoft security bulletins Chris Wysopal

Thursday, 15 January

RapidCache Multiple Vulnerabilities Peter Winter-Smith
Linux kernel mremap() bug update Paul Starzetz

Sunday, 18 January

SRT2004-01-17-0425 - Ultr () VNC local SYSTEM access. KF
Happy belated Personal Firewall day - SRT2004-01-17-0628 - Agnitum Optpost firewall allows Local SYSTEM access KF

Monday, 19 January

Pablo Sofware Solutions FTP server can detect if a file exists outside the FTP root directory scrap

Wednesday, 21 January

[SCSA-026] DUWARE Products Admin Access and Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability advisory

Monday, 26 January

Secunia Research: IBM Net.Data Macro Name Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability Carsten H. Eiram

Tuesday, 27 January

ProxyNow! 2.x Multiple Overflow Vulnerabilities Peter Winter-Smith
MacOS X TruBlueEnvironment Buffer Overflow @stake advisories
SRT2004-01-18-0747 - IBM Informix IDS 9.4 contains multiple vulnerabilities KF

Wednesday, 28 January

SRT2004-01-17-0227 - BlackICE allows local users to become SYSTEM KF

Thursday, 29 January

Security Announcement: untrusted ELF library path in some cvsup binary RPMs Matthias Andree

Monday, 02 February

[SCSA-027] PHP-Nuke 6.9 SQL Injection Vulnerability advisory

Tuesday, 03 February

Web Crossing 4.x/5.x Denial of Service Vulnerability Peter Winter-Smith

Wednesday, 04 February

Multiple File Format Vulnerabilities (Overruns) in REALOne & RealPlayer NGSoftware Insight Security Research

Thursday, 05 February

Checkpoint Firewall-1 HTTP Parsing Format String Vulnerabilities Chris Wysopal
Checkpoint VPN-1/SecureClient ISAKMP Buffer Overflow Chris Wysopal
Oracle Database 9ir2 Interval Conversion Functions Buffer Overflow Cesar
OpenBSD IPv6 remote kernel crash Thor Larholm

Saturday, 07 February

The Palace 3.x (Client) Stack Overflow Vulnerability Peter Winter-Smith

Monday, 09 February

ptl-2004-01: Multiple vulnerabilities in Nokia phones Pentest Security Advisories
Brinskter Multiple Vulnerabilities Ferruh Mavituna

Tuesday, 10 February

Microsoft Virtual PC Services Insecure Temporary File Creation Advisories
2 new Microsoft Windows bulletins Chris Wysopal

Tuesday, 17 February

Broker FTP DoS (Message Server) Aviram Jenik
Gallery v1.3x, v1.4.1x Remote Exploit exocet

Wednesday, 18 February

Second critical mremap() bug found in all Linux kernels Paul Starzetz
metamail format string bugs and buffer overflows Ulf Härnhammar

Thursday, 19 February

FW: Multiple WinXP kernel vulns can give user mode programs kernel mode privileges Steve W. Manzuik

Sunday, 22 February

Dell TrueMobile Wireless Help Privilege Escalation Vulnerability Ian Vitek

Monday, 23 February

Lam3rZ Security Advisory #1/2004: LSF eauth vulnerability leads to remote code execution Tomasz Grabowski
Lam3rZ Security Advisory #2/2004: LSF eauth vulnerability leads to a possibility of controlling cluster jobs on behalf of other users Tomasz Grabowski
Lam3rZ Security Advisory #3/2004: A bug in Confirm leads to remote command execution Tomasz Grabowski
Web Crossing 4.x/5.x Denial of Service Vulnerability (FIX) Peter Winter-Smith

Tuesday, 24 February

Mac OS X pppd format string vulnerability Advisories

Friday, 27 February

[vulnwatch] Serv-U MDTM Command Buffer Overflow Vulnerability bkbll
Extremail Security Problem Andrey Smirnov

Sunday, 29 February

ECHU.ORG Alert # 5 - FreeBB.com ECHU.ORG

Thursday, 04 March

Abobe Reader 5.1 XFDF Buffer Overflow Vulnerability NGSSoftware Insight Security Research
GNU Anubis buffer overflows and format string bugs Ulf Härnhammar

Friday, 05 March

Sun passwd(1) Command Vulnerability Chris Wysopal

Tuesday, 09 March

IBM DB2 Remote Command Execution Privilege Upgrade (#NISR09032004) NGSSoftware Insight Security Research

Wednesday, 10 March

Corsaire Security Advisory: Multiple vendor HTTP user agent cookie path traversal issue advisories
With regards to the Adobe Acrobat Reader advisory (#NISR03022004) NGSSoftware Insight Security Research

Friday, 12 March

Immunity Advisory: Compaq Web Management vulnerability Chris Wysopal

Monday, 15 March

Immunity Advisory: Computer Associates Unicenter TNG Chris Wysopal

Thursday, 18 March

ptl-2004-02: RealNetworks Helix Server 9 Administration Server Buffer Overflow Pentest Security Alerts

Friday, 19 March

Norton AntiSpam Remote Buffer Overrun (#NISR19042004a) NGSSoftware Insight Security Research
Norton Internet Security Remote Command Execution (#NISR19042004b) NGSSoftware Insight Security Research

Tuesday, 23 March

Remotely Exploitable Cross-Site Scripting in Hotmail and Yahoo (GM#005-MC) GreyMagic Software
how much fun can you have with UDP? Dave Aitel
Dark Age of Camelot login client vulnerability to man in the middle attack Todd Chapman

Wednesday, 24 March

R7-0018: OpenBSD isakmpd payload handling denial-of-service vulnerabilities advisory
Immunity Advisory: Solaris kernel loading fun Dave Aitel

Friday, 26 March

Blogger XSS Vulnerability Ferruh Mavituna

Tuesday, 30 March

Exensive cPanel Cross Site Scripting sullo
R7-0017: TCPDUMP ISAKMP payload handling denial-of-service vulnerabilities advisory

Wednesday, 31 March

Open Source Vulnerability Database Opens for Public Access fbr
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