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Communicating with many devices with the same IP address in LAN
From: "Bartosz Kiziukiewicz" <kiziuk () gmail com>
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2013 09:48:21 +0200

Greetings for The Community.

This will be a bit apart from Wireshark itself but I haven't found a better place to start.

I need to communicate with a device in LAN and to perform some "standard" operations using tools like curl, telnet (possibly with Expect) or any other typical tool. That's elementary.

But, to increase efficiency of the entire process, I'd like to communicate simultaneously with many devices that have a distinct MAC address BUT the same IP address - like performing software upgrade for many devices of the same kind and at the same time using only a single PC machine.

I came to an idea that this is doable but there's a need to create a some sort of a framework that can be launched in a few instances (or using a script) and will take care of delivering frames with a particular source MAC address to particular child processes and also, for that child processes, replace a standard ARP table with a "local" ARP table attached to that child processes. For a single instance, a single IP to MAC mapping would be enough. In this way, a single PC could communicate with many devices and above mentioned child processes would not spot any difference (on OSI L3), so those could be any "standard" networking applications.

I've been crawling the Internet looking for tools that would suit my needs but apparently there's none. Unfortunately I'm not that skilled to be able to create it from the scratch, so I've been hoping that someone could point me to the right direction - how to approach the solution and what kind of tools would be the best to fulfil it.

Or maybe the way I look for is wrong and there are some better than mine.

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