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About hidden fields and generated fields ...
From: DbdM Tbt <spin.x2k () gmail com>
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2013 15:06:30 +0800

Good day to all.
Please bear with me as I am still learning the ins and outs of formatting
dissector output.
I have come across a discussion about hidden fields and generated fields.

I am curious about this because I have a filter requirement.

Let's say there is a field called 'command'
| field 1 |
| command |
| field n |

'command' can have 3 values.
add (1), modify (2), delete (3)

From what I have currently seen so far, the 'command' field is first
'registered' through a 'static hf_register_info' variable into

So for the 'command' field it will look something like:
{ &ofx_command, { "Command", "ofx.command", FT_UINT32, BASE_DEC,
VALS(cmd_vals), NO_MASK, "Command", HFILL } }
Hence, 'ofx.command' will become the filter name.

Now I would like to create a 'convenience filter' (I don't know the correct
term) for the 3 values.

With what I know, I will implement this by:
1. register additional 3 'static hf_register_info' entries for each filter.
2. and use hidden fields so that wireshark will display only 1 field.
This will be so that the filter ofx.command and for example,
ofx.command.add (assuming the value is add(1)), will work simultaneously.

But based on what I have read, hidden fields are deprecated and/or
discouraged (?).

How would more experienced dissector developers go around this?

And from the discussion that I linked at the start, there is a mention
about 'generated fields'
I tried searching in google and the archives for the above keyword but no
clear information as to what are they and how they are implemented (how
they look?).
Can anyone share some info about this?

Thank you very much,
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