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Re: Windows version info
From: Graham Bloice <graham.bloice () trihedral com>
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2013 15:47:10 +0000

On 9 December 2013 15:29, Graham Bloice <graham.bloice () trihedral com> wrote:

On 9 December 2013 15:12, Pascal Quantin <pascal.quantin () gmail com> wrote:

2013/12/9 Graham Bloice <graham.bloice () trihedral com>

On 8 December 2013 22:32, Pascal Quantin <pascal.quantin () gmail com>wrote:

Hi Graham,

Le 8 déc. 2013 à 22:56, Graham Bloice <graham.bloice () trihedral com> a
écrit :

Compiling with VS2013, the GetVersionEx function is now reported as

E:\Wireshark\trunk\version_info.c(368): warning C4996: 'GetVersionExW':
was declared deprecated [E:\Wireshark\2013build\wireshark.vcxproj]
E:\Wireshark\trunk\version_info.c(853): warning C4996: 'GetVersionExW':
was declared deprecated [E:\Wireshark\2013build\wireshark.vcxproj]
E:\Wireshark\trunk\ui\win32\file_dlg_win32.c(451): warning C4996: 'Get
VersionExW': was declared deprecated

Normally with nmake builds we should have a flag removing this warning
(see bug 9375 and revision 53059). Are you using cmake?

This was with CMake, however hiding the warning isn't really fixing the

I agree. On my side I see the new Microsoft API as being the major issue
here :) By the way is cmake using the same manifest file than nmake?
Otherwise Windows 8.1 detection will fail... :( (see bug 9298).

I'm working (slowly) on getting the manifests done in cmake.

Should we switch over to using the Version Helpers API and\or
VerifyVersionInfo (and remove a lot of cruft from version_info.c)?  This
has already been partially implemented in ui\win32\file_dlg.c as part of

Version Helpers API:

This is not what we need for version_info.c: this new API allows you to
check a minimum OS requirement, not to get current OS version. See my
comments in bugs 9297, 9298 and 9375 for more details.

In version_info,  get_os_version_info() just sets the stirng as
required, using the Version Helpers we could step back from 8.1 down to
Vista (or XP if we must) and stop when a version is found.  The
IsWindowsServer() call allows us to differentiate between the two variants.

In get_os_major_version() the two callers I can see are checking for
Vista or later, so that could be replaced with IsWindowsVistaOrGreater(),
or more generically with IsWindowsVersionOrGreater(), changing the function
to is_os_version_or_greater(versionRequired) or similar.

The call in win32_save_as_statstree() in file_dlg_win32.c could again be
replaced with a call to is_os_version_or_greater(), or could be removed
entirely as it's only for NT 4.0/Win95 compatibility of the OPENFILENAME
structure ofn.

As I said, lots of cruft can be removed.

Well it's only removed for MSVC2013 and later, we need to keep existing
code for earlier MSVC versions, which means twice the amount of work to
update Wireshark for a new Windows version.
On my side I wanted to avoid the multiple calls to VerifyVersionInfo
(version helpers are just a wrapper for it) that seemed overkill, but
that's really a matter of taste and I'm not fully satisfied with the
current code either (the manifest trick is kind of ugly...)
Using GetFileVersionInfo API might be the best tradeoff but I was too
lazy to explore this path :)

I read MSDN again and now see that although the functions work on all the
downlevel OS's, the include file that defines them is in the Win 8.1 SDK.
 MSDN says that you can use the file with other versions of Visual Studio,
but I don't think they'd take kindly to us distributing it.

I just tried the functions with VS2005 and VS2012 and they don't link which
makes me thing they are the odd kind of functions MS uses that pulled in
from the link library and aren't present in the DLL's they say they are in.
 This allows newer functions to run on downlevel OS's but only if compiled
with the newest link libraries.
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