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Where does libpcap capture frames?
From: Stuart Kendrick <stuart.kendrick.sea () gmail com>
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2013 07:53:42 -0800

I want to better understand the path a frame takes as it approaches the
Ethernet NIC

I have a problem in which a client is unable to NFS-mount a server

On the wire (SPAN port off the local Ethernet switch), I can see the DNS
look-up, the ARP exchange ... and then silence.  Capturing on the client
itself, I can see the DNS look-up, the ARP exchange, and then a TCP SYN to
port 2049 (repeated TCP SYNs across many minutes ... the NFS client is

ftp, sftp, and http from the client to the server works fine, and I can see
the TCP SYN (plus the ensuing TCP stream) in both packet traces

OK, so something is dropping the outbound TCP SYN after sending a copy to
libpcap and before sending it to the NIC driver.  [Sounds like a job for
IPTABLES ... but I installed this client, and I've never configured an
iptables rule ... just for grins, I uninstalled both the ufw and the
iptables packages ... or a job for libwrap .. but /etc/hosts.allow and
/etc/hosts.deny are vanilla ... no mention of rpcbind]

What is capable of doing that?

I've found this neat diagram of the functions called as a frame wends its
way toward hardware (Figure 4 in Section 2.3 in
ending in rtl8169_start_xmit()

From the text, I'm guessing that various 'hooks' can dink with the frame:
nowhere in there do I see where libpcap gets its copy ... nor do I see
where iptables might insert its paws ...

I haven't gone to source yet (I'm skeptical that I'm smart enough) ..

==> What functions can mess with a frame as it approaches hardware?
 Obviously, libpcap can register a request for a copy ... what functions
can discard the frame after libpcap gets its copy?

[In many ways, I'm pursuing a thread on AskWireshark.org around who sends
libpcap frames

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