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Re: PWCK Overflow POC Code Redhat/Suse older versions or something (maybe later too)
From: Day Jay <d4yj4y () yahoo com>
Date: Mon, 9 May 2005 13:55:53 -0700 (PDT)

Is it the fact that you aren't American or don't know
English an issue for you? You sure are coming up with
many things that I never stated or said. 

It's apparent that you need to get a life and find
better things to do than to try to make up stories and
come up with false details of what you think is going

Get a life.

Since when did you even think that was an exploit?

Yeah, like I really need to make the 1700 value
dynamic for you, my teacher, hahahaha! Again, get a
life. That's an exploit?  Not really, not unless you
make it setuid, which with your depth of knowledge
seems like something, you might even accidentally do!

Oooh, and taking a stance?? On what? You read what I
wrote, now stop trying to put words into my mouth or
spread your false ideas. Obviously, you need more
English lessons.

Perhaps Steve was teaching you English since that's
something he does (per his website) and he probably
didn't even do a good job at that since you don't
comprehend anything.

Like I said, enough talk. Why don't you try to give
something to the list aside from your incessant praise
to a mediocre Unix traitor? If he's such a Unix guy,
then why is he wiping his arse with Microsoft toilet

Where are your exploits? 

And gay jokes, yes, since it is obvious that you being
gay is an issue, I thought I would bring it up. (Don't
make me bring up the logs) 

It's also not my fault you don't have access to any
real 0day so you can only try to heckle some out of me
but it's not going to work. Begging for 0day is the
only thing you will be doing the rest of your life.

I wouldn't give you any major 0day code. (believe you
me, I have plenty) And people like you are the reason
why I would never give up such. Remember, I said MAJOR
0day...don't get it twisted.

It's not my fault you're all butt hurt from running
the IIS 6 exploit and mailing the list your shadow
password file, lol or rming your home dirs.

And any educated person would be able to see that the
code was an attempt to educate...and I guess you
weren't even smart enough to be educated by it!

I never admitted anything, I told you to let it go.
All exploits now a days dynamically get the stack
pointer dumbass. The pwck buffer overflow example had
a hard coded "offset" - keyword, "offset" not stack
pointer you moron.

All you want to do is praise this guy, go ahead.
There's nothing valuable either of you two have done
with yourselves other than trying to save face and
justify a pretty mediocre existence. I'm sorry you
never made it in life don't take your frustrations out
on me.

And yes, your kiddie porn and "barely legal" porn
awaits back at your computer. That seems to be the
only thing you know how to work with since nothing
else has come from your "R&D".

Show me a real exploit, and then we'll talk. Until
then, sit down.

Please moderator, close this topic since all responses
to it have been off topic and displaying pure wannabes
angry at their own ability to find bugs or produce
something useful to the security community.

--- Valdis.Kletnieks () vt edu wrote:

On Mon, 09 May 2005 11:59:16 PDT, Day Jay said:
It was figured out long ago pal, the fact of the
matter is and that I pointed out numbskull is that
should automate getting of the stack pointer like
of the other one's do.  

Except the code you were penis-extender-waving
around as
an example of how you have to steal lame exploits
you can't
even fix.

Figure out how to get that 1700 automated in *your*
code, and then
we'll talk.

(I'd not get on your case about it, except that the
code you
posted has *more* hardcoding in it than the code
you're complaining

                        It's a default value
in..let it go.

So now you're admitting it's a default value, not a
hardcoded one?
Whatever happened to standing up for your position?
(And you're still
missing the point - if it's a changeable value with
a default, it's not

You and your gay lover can continue looking at
porn now.

When all else fails, resort to ad hominem attacks. 
You know, with
a bad attitude like that, it's not surprising that
you can't get
access to any better exploits to steal.

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