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Ant-Sec - We are going to terminate Hackforums.net and Milw0rm.com - New Apache 0-day exploit uncovered
From: Ant-Sec Movement <anti.sec.movement () gmail com>
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 19:29:25 +1000

Dear members of Hackforums.net, Jesse Labrocca (AKA Omniscient),
Milw0rm.com, str0ke, and Reader,
We are the Ant-Sec movement, and we are dedicated
to eradicating full-disclosure of vulnerabilities and exploits and free
discussion on hacking related topics. We are dedicated to stalling the ocean
of script-kiddies currently trawling the Internet, and those so called
"White Hat Hackers" who benefit financially from full-disclosure; employing
scare-tactics in order to con people into buying their firewalls and
anti-virus software.

Thus, our new targets are Hackforums.net and Milw0rm.com. Both are notable
within the hacking underground and the computer security world, and both
violate what the Anti-Sec movement is fighting for. Such as it is, both must
be terminated...utterly.

Let us first discuss Hackforums.net. It is run by a man named Jesse
Labrocca, also known as "Omniscient" within the hacker underground. Although
he, himself, claims to not know a thing about penetrating computer systems.
Hackforums.net is perhaps one of the largest communities of hackers and
script-kiddies alike currently at large in cyber space. The beginner
section, alone, is flooded every single day with messages by script-kiddies.
The "Hacking Tutorials" section is a diamond mine of full-disclosure
information. And that is not the entirety of it. As a result, this community
MUST be terminated.

Recently, the Anti-Sec movement became aware that some unknown entity has
been launching successfully crippling denial of service attacks against
Hackforums.net. Whoever you are, we of the Anti-Sec movement extend our
warmest gratitude to you and we ask that, if you're reading this email,
please do not cease your attack against Hackforums.net. By bringing it down,
you are helping to recover the health of the Internet. Hackforums.net is a
hive of knowledge that should only be known by a select few. It MUST be
terminated. In addition, we also encourage any and all who can to launch
denial of service attacks against Hackforums.net in order to support us in
furthering our goals.

We would like to stress that we will not be participating in DDOSing
Hackforums.net. The reasons for this bring us to our next topic of

In addition to our OpenSSH 0-day exploit, the Anti-Sec movement have also
unearthed an Apache 0-day vulnerability and  we have subsequently developed
exploit code in order to take advantage of this vulnerability. It affects
ALL versions. We will be using this as well as our OpenSSH exploit to hack
into Hackforums.net and rm its contents, thus terminating it.

As soon as, if ever, the recent crippling DDOS attacks against
Hackforums.net cease, we will strike. And in that moment, Hackforums.net
will be history. Your only hope, Hackforums, is for the heavy DDOS attacks
to never stop.

Once we have dealt with Hackforums.net, we will terminate Milw0rm. Better
you had quit and left it at that, Str0ke, for now milw0rm.com will be
completely and utterly wiped. It is the second highest target after

This is our message to all. You have seen what the Anti-Sec movement can do.
We will do it again, and again, and again, until our goals are achieved.

This we promise.


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