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Andrew Auernheimer aka weev gets tree'd
From: GOBBLES <gobbles1337 () Safe-mail net>
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2009 22:55:02 -0400

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Sorry about that. The JDL/GOBBLES team takes mispellings very

Meet the exposed Andrew Auernheimer. Former bantown member and a
sysop at encyclopediadramatica.

 - weev
 - weevlar
 - weevlos
 - the iprophet
 - wbeelsoi

He is a failed man. Loyalty to him shall bring you no benefit. See for yourself:

Law enforcement authorities reportedly have identified a 21-year-
old Vancouver man as the individual who made two threatening 
telephone calls to Congregation Beth Israel on the night of June 16.

Jewish Federation of Greater Portland Community Relations Director 
Robert Horenstein said the suspect, whose name was not made public, 
“admitted making the calls and the FBI is now working with the U.S. 
Attorney’s office to determine if a crime has been committed.”

The alleged caller, whom authorities described to Horenstein as 
having “low intelligence and no means to carry out any threats,” 
reportedly said over the phone, “The Nazis are coming to get you; 
there will be another Holocaust” and “You killed my Lord. You will 

The calls were left on the CBI’s voice mail system and were first 
heard the next morning by Rabbi Michael Cahana.

Cahana said, “I was very, very pleased at the responsiveness of the 
Portland Police and FBI. They gave us a strong sense that they were 
taking this seriously and we were in very good hands.”

The rabbi declined to elaborate on the incident.

Portland FBI spokeswoman Beth Anne Steele said her office could not 
comment on an ongoing investigation but that the FBI was “working 
closely with the folks at the temple as well as the Portland Police 

Prior to police identification of the Vancouver man, Horenstein 
said in an e-mail alert that law enforcement officials had 
speculated the caller may have been a 24-year-old Los Angeles man 
who operates the Web site theiprophet.blip.tv/ (since taken 
offline) on which Jews have been vilified.

Horenstein identified that man as Andrew Auernheimer. In a video 
that was on Auernheimer’s Web site he said, “I’ve got to skip town. 
There are some big Jews that want to hand me a summons. …On the 
16th (of June) I am taking a pilgrimage northward to Portland.”

Auernheimer was detained and questioned by members of the FBI and 
the Portland Police Bureau, first in Grants Pass and later in 
Wilsonville, according to Horenstein.

Horenstein said, “Portland police now believe him to be a much 
lower-level threat than was believed previously, but stress that 
they will continue to monitor him.”

Auernheimer reportedly was warned not to go near any Jewish 
congregation or agency. Horenstein said he was told that 
Auernheimer had no plans to do so and that he claimed “he has no 
violent intentions.”

Horenstein said Auernheimer drives a 2000 silver Honda Civic with 
California license plate 6EFJ814 and was traveling with a Native 
American woman. He said that if Auernheimer is seen near any Jewish 
facility, authorities should be notified immediately by calling 911.

Horenstein expressed gratitude for the work of the law enforcement 
personnel: “We should all be deeply grateful to the FBI and 
Portland police, especially officers Brian Hughes and Tony Cavalli, 
for their commitment to keeping us all safe.”

Hughes referred inquiries to PPB spokeswoman Det. Mary Weed who did 
not return telephone calls before the Jewish Review’s press time.

Source: http://www.jewishreview.org/local/Police-question-two-men-
Archival: http://www.webcitation.org/5jnPBPyHG

Weev's response:
"look at these fucking kikes how they fucking don't name the person 
who made the threats, but name me instead. it looks like i was 
responsible for it unless you read the article real hard.

i've been informed that the person who called in the synagogue 
threats was someone being blackmailed by a rabbi, and that he was 
assured immunity. this was a setup from the beginning to get me on 
the counterterrorism map so they could have my assets stolen and me 
criminally harassed.

seriously, there has to be something fucking libelous in the fact 
that i am the sole person named in this article when i had 
absolutely no involvement in it, and was not charged with any crime.

there is no fucking freedom of speech left in this country. if 
saying anything the establishment doesn't like results in attacks 
on someone's livelihood, noone will speak up against the criminal 

Source: http://weev.livejournal.com/368013.html
Archival: http://www.webcitation.org/5jnP71qsD

Also weev posts his IRL name+handle on 
me.php. Archival: http://www.webcitation.org/5jnPc0pNy

Also what is sealpac-usa.com?
Archival: http://www.webcitation.org/5jnT7EULI
Is it related to http://www.sealpacusa.com?

I suppose crime doesn't pay.

If you've had any issues with weev / Andrew Auernheimer, feel free 
to send in tips at http://tips.fbi.gov

Informing on weev is super good. Perhaps you'll get immunity and 
some nice cash. Don't make him privy to your backstabbing until
he sees you in court. :)


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