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Open Letter to Uncle Sam
From: Iadnah Enoch <iadnah () uplinklounge com>
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2010 11:18:53 -0400

Dear Uncle Sam:

Apparently the United States is having some issues with its “cyber
This is my way of helping you out and contributing to your so-called
“home front”. I believe the following dissertation generally reflects the
current stance of my community in regard to your troubles. When I say
community I am referring to hackers, the modern alchemists, wizards, and
artists whose fore-bearers built this great nation of technology you now
stand and rely upon.

You make everything we are interested in illegal. As a result we are forced
to be criminals if we want to learn the particular set of survival traits,
commonly known as hacking. Sure there are “white hats” out there who possess
the knowledge and skill to stop the types of attacks they, themselves, can
come up with. They will happily work for you and do whatever you tell them.
However, while you are sheltered within your own personal paradigmal bubble
where all the children play nicely, the real world, 2.0 perhaps, awaits you
outside. Out here in the real world you have been giving us the shaft in
every way shape and form possible to discourage others from becoming like

You didn’t want more of us. You didn’t want us to do what we know is right.
You wanted to use us as a resource or a munition. You make the things we are
interested in illegal so those of us who chose to learn any way are under
your theoretical control. We’re legally criminals so we must comply with you
and do as you like or we will go to jail.

Now that you have exhausted your arsenal of fear, uncertainty, and doubt,
you’ve come to realize you have some very troubling issues, the least of
which is that your aging titanic, system of information exchange is at once
your greatest strength and most needed crutch.

I know you like the *bottom line*, so I’ll state it here in a language you
can understand: We are pretty angry about how you have treated us over the
last few decades, especially since September 11 of 2001. You have made our
culture illegal. Now you want us to help you. You want us to conform to your
standards and ways of living, thinking, and acting so we can protect you
from the machinations of foreign minds.

Do you really feel that we have any obligation or incentive to do such a
thing? It benefits us in no tangible way to help you solve your mess. The
more time goes on, the less and less we actually need or have any use for

Is it so hard to approach us with the same respect and dignity you would any
other nation? After all, while we may not technically own land or have an
army, we are a force you know must be reckoned with. If you would approach
us as you do other nations when you are in need perhaps we would feel better
about exporting our natural resources: the knowledge necessary to correctly
and securely provide and maintain the infrastructure you use for… well, just
about everything.

I shall let this writ float along the aether, and perhaps some day, some
way, it will reach some one who can do simple math.

In parting, I must give you a brief history lesson; a reminder really: This
war will be no different than every other war waged with wizards.
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