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From: lulzfail () hushmail com
Date: Mon, 06 Jun 2011 02:39:42 -0400

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Lulzsec == pwnt

logs taken from their "priv8" irc server


Some gems:

May 31 11:58:25 *       Topic for #pure-elite is: [pE] security
research and development. | PRIV8!PRIV8!PRIV8! No leaks, no vanity.
Everything stays here. | work with trollpoll on .es targets. MSG
him for infos. google search site:gob.es for fun
May 31 11:58:25 *       Topic for #pure-elite set by
Sabu!sabu () netadmin operationfreedom ru at Wed May 25 16:25:57 2011

Jun 04 17:27:26 <Topiary>       everyone leave ED IRC
Jun 04 17:27:35 <Topiary>       this is serious, military hackers trying
to hack us
Jun 04 17:27:37 <Topiary>       don't stay there
Jun 04 17:28:17 <pwnsauce>      i propose Operation:/b/ackraid
Jun 04 17:28:23 <pwnsauce>      we need .mil targets

Jun 04 17:16:27 <Topiary>       already sent kayla money for bots,
sending Sabu money for servers when he wants it
Jun 04 17:16:30 <Topiary>       we have 500USD in donations

Jun 04 17:03:49 <joepie91>      4-6-2011 23:03:30  : SENT CONTROL
[server]: 'PUSH_REQUEST' (status=1)
Jun 04 17:03:50 <joepie91>      after this
Jun 04 17:03:54 <joepie91>      it just starts using an entire CPU core
Jun 04 17:03:58 <joepie91>      crash shit
Jun 04 17:04:01 <joepie91>      use more and more memory
Jun 04 17:04:04 <joepie91>      and not connect to the VPN

Jun 01 02:26:46 <storm> still looking for an rfi/lfi bot :p
Jun 01 02:28:30 <lol>   i've got one lol :D with google bypass, if
the bypass still works xD
Jun 01 02:28:52 <lol>   but it's on a USB but i think the USB might
be infected xD
Jun 01 02:29:04 <lol>   so im scared to plug it in xD

Jun 01 03:13:18 <Topiary>       well A) they are a bunch of
asshats, B) Jester is a fucktard who *everyone* would want to
destroy, C) Apache 0day, D) Adrian needs a spanking
Jun 01 03:13:29 <joepie92>      E) bring the lulz
Jun 01 03:13:30 <joepie92>      :D
Jun 01 03:13:35 <Topiary>       yes, that too
Jun 01 03:14:44 <Topiary>       ah wait that was Adrian Chen
sending us those insulting tweets
Jun 01 03:14:47 <Topiary>       both losers
Jun 01 03:15:14 <storm> i like C most of all
Jun 01 03:15:15 <storm> ;x
Jun 01 03:15:17 <Topiary>       he tried to arrange an interview
with LulzSec, told him to fuck off before Gawker gets rooted

BTW, one of them is already in FBI custody, and the rest are
probably about to follow him
(that one being Robert Cavanaugh of NY State, alias xyz, alias ev0)
see his pictures here:
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