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Chinese hackers reportedly took classified data on MH370 a day after it went missing InfoSec News (Aug 21)

By Jiaxi Lu
The Washington Post
August 20, 2014

Five months after Malaysia Airlines flight 370 went missing, a report
emerged on Wednesday saying that Chinese hackers have targeted Malaysian
government departments involved in the search for the jet.

According to the Malaysian newspaper the...

5 cool new security research breakthroughs InfoSec News (Aug 21)

By Bob Brown
Aug 19, 2014

University and vendor researchers are congregating in San Diego this week
at USENIX Security ’14 to share the latest findings in security and
privacy, and here are 5 that jumped out to me as being particularly

*On the Feasibility of Large-Scale Infections of iOS Devices

Georgia Tech...

Target Lowers Forecast on Sales Slump, Canadian Losses InfoSec News (Aug 21)

By Renee Dudley
Aug 20, 2014

Target Corp. (TGT), still struggling to rebound from last year’s hacker
attack, cut its forecast for the year as slumping sales and a money-losing
push into Canada take a toll on profit.

Target now expects full-year earnings of $3.10 to $3.30 a share, excluding
some items, down from a...

New hacking scenario emerges: Wi-Fi signal-sniffing drones InfoSec News (Aug 20)

By George Leopold
Defense Systems
Aug 15, 2014

The next major network security threat could come from the sky, in the
form of drones equipped with video cameras and the ability to sniff out
mobile devices and their unique identifiers, perhaps even establishing
rogue network access points in the sky that could be used to hack
sensitive government or corporate...

Heartbleed to blame for Community Health Systems breach InfoSec News (Aug 20)

By Steve Ragan
Aug 19, 2014

According to a blog post from TrustedSec, an information security
consultancy in Ohio, the breach at Community Health Systems (CHS) is the
result of attackers targeting a flaw OpenSSL, CVE-2014-0160, better known
as Heartbleed.

The incident marks the first case Heartbleed has been linked to an...

Attend Cyber Security EXPO - October 8-9, 2014 InfoSec News (Aug 20)
Cyber Security EXPO is a new event for everybody wanting to protect their
organisation from the increasing commercial threat of 21st century
cyber-attacks. The challenge of securing corporate data and networks to
mitigate risk is greater than ever, so Cyber Security EXPO has been
designed to include the following themes - Internet & Network Security,
Cyber Crime, Log Data & Advanced Analytics, Identity & Access Management,...

Crooks turn war-torn Syria into cyber-battlefield InfoSec News (Aug 20)

By David Shamah
The Times of Israel
August 20, 2014

Syrian hackers, known best for their attacks on vital sites in Israel, the
US, and Europe, are turning on their own people, taking advantage of their
fears about the devastating civil war around them

The Syrian Electronic Army, an outfit that has gained fame for its hacks
of government and defense websites, is...

Identifying and mitigating healthcare IT security risks InfoSec News (Aug 20)

By Patrick Ouellette
Health IT Security
August 19, 2014

Being proactive in healthcare IT security means picking out risks before
incidents occur, not after the fact. But the challenge is that potential
risks are spread across a variety of areas within a healthcare
organization. Blair Smith, Ph.D. Dean, Informatics-Management-Technology
(IMT) at...

Steel City’s Hacking Cases Mean Gameover f or Trade Theft InfoSec News (Aug 19)

By Chris Strohm
Aug 18, 2014

The U.S. Justice Department is adding resources and agents in Pittsburgh
to combat hackers, after the steel city’s law enforcement agencies,
universities and companies led the way on two landmark prosecutions.

The two cases targeting people in China and Russia have helped make
Pittsburgh the...

Community Health Systems Says It Suffered Criminal Cyberattack InfoSec News (Aug 19)

The Wall Street Journal
Aug. 18, 2014

Community Health Systems Inc. CYH +1.29% said Monday that its computer
network was a target of an external criminal cyberattack in April and June
that affected data related to some 4.5 million individuals.

The rural hospital operator and cybersecurity firm Mandiant believe the...

New website aims to publicly shame apps with lax security InfoSec News (Aug 19)

By Robert Lemos
Ars Technica
Aug 18 2014

The amount of personal data traveling to and from the Internet has
exploded, yet many applications and services continue to put user
information at risk by not encrypting data sent over wireless networks.
Software engineer Tony Webster has a classic solution—shame.

Webster decided to see if a little public...

Exclusive: Nuke Regulator Hacked by Suspected Foreign Powers InfoSec News (Aug 19)

By Aliya Sternstein
August 18, 2014

Nuclear Regulatory Commission computers within the past three years were
successfully hacked by foreigners twice and also by an unidentifiable
individual, according to an internal investigation.

One incident involved emails sent to about 215 NRC employees in "a

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop’s phone was hacked at the height of the MH17 crisis InfoSec News (Aug 19)

By Ellen Whinnet
Political Editor
Herald Sun August 16, 2014

FOREIGN Affairs Minister Julie Bishop’s mobile phone was compromised while
she was overseas leading tense negotiations to win access to the MH17
crash site in Ukraine.

Australian intelligence officials seized Ms Bishop’s phone on her...

Gaza and Crimea conflicts could have been predicted by monitoring cyber attacks InfoSec News (Aug 15)

By Harriet Alexander
14 Aug 2014

Surges in cyber attacks could be used as an early warning system to
predict conflicts between countries, researchers from an internet security
company have found.

Before both the recent Gaza conflict and the annexation of Crimea analysts...

IRS Gave Sensitive Data to Convict Sentenced to 21 Years InfoSec News (Aug 15)

By Aliya Sternstein
August 14, 2014

The Internal Revenue Service failed to conduct background checks on many
contract workers who handled sensitive taxpayer data, an internal review

The findings arrive at a time when identity theft has become an everyday
threat in the public and private sectors.

At the IRS, contractors...

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