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Crash on Windows 208 server
From: Juan Carlos Castro y Castro <jcastro () modulo com br>
Date: Mon, 25 May 2009 15:53:58 -0300

I'm seeing a consistent, reproducible crash in nmap running in Windows 2008 Server. It happens whenever you run nmap --interactive and perform two OS scans in a row with "n -O -v <ipaddr>". Happens with both beta and stable, both with precompiled binaries and running the source with Visual Studio. It doesn't matter whether it's different addresses or not.

I see the first assert in PortList::initializePortMap() fails. I tried to find where I should "clean" the ports object, but I'm having some difficulty. Help?

void PortList::initializePortMap(int protocol, u16 *ports, int portcount) {
 int i;
 int unused_zero;    // aren't we using 0 port?
 int ports_max = (protocol == IPPROTO_IP) ? 256 : 65536;
 int proto = INPROTO2PORTLISTPROTO(protocol);

fatal("%s: portmap for protocol %i already initialized", __func__, protocol);

assert(port_list_count[proto]==0); // <===== THIS FAILS WHEN RUNNING SECOND SCAN!


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