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Re: ncat: patch that adds socks5 support - allows to proxy IPv6 connections
From: Marek Lukaszuk <m.lukaszuk () gmail com>
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2011 09:36:14 +0200

On Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 22:47, Shinnok <admin () shinnok com> wrote:

Hi Marek,


This time I was busy :)

I've finally come to reviewing the patch you submitted and here's the

Two major issues were found and fixed in the patch to your patch I've
attached to this e-mail:

Sorry, but I had to change your patch a bit, a final version that
passes all tests is attached to the email. It is a diff against the
revision 23916 - current.

There's still a couple of errors to be fixed as
./ncat/tests/ncat-test.pl still issues some proxy specific errors, 9
errors to be more specific, from 54 something previously(give or take 5
which are ipv6 specific), but I have to crash now since I am too tired.
It would be great if you could take a look over my patch and apply it to
yours and then run ncat-test.pl yourself and go on from there.

All is working but, the ncat-test.pl script had some issues (patch attached):
- as far as I saw the first test was done a bit strange, it starts
single listening ncat (-lk) and then tries to connect to it via IPv4
and IPv6, this would always fail because as far as I can see ncat by
default only listens on IPv4 addresses. I didn't check that patch from
Colin that allows it to listen on both address families at the same
- on my system when I do name resolution I prefer IPv6 addresses over
IPv4, this is causing issues with some tests, because in few places
there is an assumption that "localhost" should resolve back to, in my case it resolves to ::1,

Still there could be problem with the function inet_pton. I need to
use it always (for SOCKS5), no matter if the system supports IPv6 or
not. I can copy the definition of function inet_pton6 from nbase (that
definition is only added when we compile nmap with IPv6 support) and
add this function only to ncat when there is no IPv6 support, this
would allow to proxy to IPv6 addresses even in an IPv4 only
environment. Does this make sense ?


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