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[patch] Assorted NSE fixes
From: Daniel Miller <bonsaiviking () gmail com>
Date: Tue, 29 May 2012 12:42:06 -0500


I came across a few more issues with NSE scripts. First, the attached patch for the smb.lua library fixes an issue with scope shadowing where arguments passed to the start_ex function had the same names as functions that were called from within start_ex, resulting in errors like this:
NSE: ms-sql-info against threw an error!
./nselib/smb.lua:351: attempt to call local 'negotiate_protocol' (a boolean value)
stack traceback:
        ./nselib/smb.lua:351: in function 'start_ex'
        ./nselib/smb.lua:3845: in function 'connect'
        ./nselib/mssql.lua:1659: in function 'ConnectToNamedPipe'
        ./nselib/mssql.lua:2098: in function 'DiscoverBySmb'
        ./nselib/mssql.lua:2151: in function 'Discover'
./scripts/ms-sql-info.nse:238: in function <./scripts/ms-sql-info.nse:231>
        (...tail calls...)
The other 2 issues were small, so I'll inline the patches:

dns-client-subnet-scan makes the mistake of returning a shortport portrule from within a portrule, rather than calling it:

--- a/scripts/dns-client-subnet-scan.nse
+++ b/scripts/dns-client-subnet-scan.nse
@@ -64,11 +64,11 @@ prerule = function()
        return true

-portrule = function()
+portrule = function(host, port)
        if ( nmap.address_family() ~= "inet" ) then
                return false
- return shortport.port_or_service(53, "domain", {"tcp", "udp"}) + return shortport.port_or_service(53, "domain", {"tcp", "udp"})(host, port)

xmpp-info throws errors relating to passing nil to a format string because it defaults to host.targetname. I added a second default, host.name, which will always at least have a blank string. This adds another layer of "maybe it will work", and avoids the uncaught exception:

--- a/scripts/xmpp-info.nse
+++ b/scripts/xmpp-info.nse
@@ -518,7 +518,7 @@ end

portrule = shortport.port_or_service({5222, 5269}, {"jabber", "xmpp-client", "xmpp-server"})
 action = function(host, port)
- local server_name = stdnse.get_script_args("xmpp-info.server_name") or host.targetname + local server_name = stdnse.get_script_args("xmpp-info.server_name") or host.targetname or host.name local alt_server_name = stdnse.get_script_args("xmpp-info.alt_server_name") or "."
     local err_tmp = { {}, {} }
     local id_tls

Also, I noticed an error from http-default-accounts:
NSE: http-default-accounts against threw an error!
./nselib/data/http-default-accounts-fingerprints.lua:45: variable 'http' is not declared
stack traceback:
        [C]: in function 'error'
        ./nselib/strict.lua:80: in function '__index'
./nselib/data/http-default-accounts-fingerprints.lua:45: in function <./nselib/data/http-default-accounts-fingerprints.lua:44>
        (...tail calls...)
./scripts/http-default-accounts.nse:275: in function <./scripts/http-default-accounts.nse:222>
        (...tail calls...)

I think this is related to changes in environment handling in Lua 5.2, but I can't dig into it right now. The short fix would be to add 'require "http"' to the top of the fingerprints file, but that might be more overhead than is necessary. A similar issue cropped up with the packetdecoders.lua file from broadcast-listener, so maybe all calls to loadfile should be checked.


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