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Re: "dnet: Failed to open device" errors on AIX, as root
From: Ben Lentz <ben.lentz () gmail com>
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2012 14:08:54 -0500

Thanks for this output. I think I see what the bug is; in short, it
looks like a known bug in AIX.


The important part of the truss output is

10485844: 95158519: socket(23, 2, 1)                    = 3
10485844: 95158519: bind(3, 0x2FF2024C, 36)             Err#17 EEXIST
10485844: 95158519: close(3)                            = 0

which corresponds to this code in in libdnet-stripped/src/eth-ndd.c:

         if ((e->fd = socket(AF_NDD, SOCK_DGRAM, NDD_PROT_ETHER))<  0)
                 return (eth_close(e));
         sa.sndd_8022_family = AF_NDD;
         sa.sndd_8022_len = sizeof(sa);
         sa.sndd_8022_filtertype = NS_ETHERTYPE;
         sa.sndd_8022_ethertype = ETH_TYPE_IP;
         sa.sndd_8022_filterlen = sizeof(struct ns_8022);
         strlcpy(sa.sndd_8022_nddname, device, sizeof(sa.sndd_8022_nddname));
         if (bind(e->fd, (struct sockaddr *)&sa, sizeof(sa))<  0)
                 return (eth_close(e));

It looks like there is an update for the problem that you may be able to
install. Short of that, I don't think there's anything we can do, so I
hope the --send-ip workaround is good enough.

David Fifield

Well, that's pretty embarrassing. On AIX 6.1 TL7 SP5 the level of the affected AIX fileset devices.common.IBM.ethernet.rte is I clicked around through a dozen or so of those APARs and didn't find my affected level in the list.

I did more testing, all of the following versions of AIX are giving me the same problem (all are /reasonably/ up to date):

- AIX 5.3 TL12 SP5 (5300-12-05-1140) devices.common.IBM.ethernet.rte - Released the 40th week of 2011 - AIX 6.1 TL6 SP8 (6100-06-08-1216) devices.common.IBM.ethernet.rte - Released the 16th week of 2012 - AIX 6.1 TL7 SP5 (6100-07-05-1228) devices.common.IBM.ethernet.rte - Released the 28th week of 2012

The --send-ip workaround works fine on all of the above levels.

The good news is that my systems are all covered under software maintenance so I will complain to IBM and report back the result of the PMR to this mailing list if you folks are interested.

David, thank you so much for your help. I realize AIX isn't the most prevalent of platforms for the nmap user community and I greatly appreciate your time.

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