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Milw0rm / Str0ke Not Dead
From: Jon Kibler <Jon.Kibler () aset com>
Date: Wed, 04 Nov 2009 17:07:11 -0500

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I know by now that many of you have seen the story at...


I know this because MANY of you have written me off-list with the message "have
you heard the news?"... If I did not personally reply, I am sorry, but my inbox
has been swamped today.

Well, good news and bad news here.

Bad news first. The above story is a hoax. Str0ke is alive, well, and kicking.
Don't feel bad. Many of the best in the industry got taken in by the story. I
fell for it, too -- hook, line, and sinker. Oh well, live and learn.

Now the good news. The folks at OffSec, along with David Kennedy and others, are
talking over milw0rm from stroke. Read the announcement here:
I had just talked with Muts yesterday about another issue, and he indicated that
an announcement regarding milw0rm would be coming out soon, but I suspect that
the hoax regarding str0ke and the buzz about inj3ct0r.com may have forced an
early pre-announcement.

I know that milw0rm will be in great hands.

Thanks to all of those that contacted me off-list, too.

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