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RE: IPSec vs. IPSec/L2TP
From: "Ghaith Nasrawi" <libero () aucegypt edu>
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 01:07:03 +0000

The reason people use L2TP is due the need to provide login mechanism
to users. IPSec by itself is meant to by a tunneling protocol in a
gateway-to-gateway scenario (there are still two modes, tunnel mode &
transport mode). So vendors use L2TP to allow people to use their
products in client-to-network scenario. So, they use L2TP only for
logging and the rest of the session would be using IPSec. You have to
take in consideration two other modes; pre-shared-keys vs. certificates.

see, IPSec is a very complex protocol and few cryptologists kept
moaning about its unnecessary complexity which leads to confusion.



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From: Bénoni MARTIN [mailto:Benoni.MARTIN () libertis ga]
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Subject: IPSec vs. IPSec/L2TP

Hi list,

I was wondering how much the security is enhanced by using
L2TP/IPSec tunnelling instead of a good old IPSec tunnel. I found
a lot of information googling around the web, but couldn't find a
good paper explainig this enhancement (or not).

If anyone cound give me any hint, personnal experience feedback
or URL, this will be appreciated !

Thx !


 //\   Ghaith Nasrawi

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