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82 messages starting May 10 01 and ending May 31 01
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Thursday, 31 May

OpenPGP Alliance omits PGP Security InfoSec News
Navy weighs NMCI portal security InfoSec News
Crackers target open source software websites InfoSec News
EPRI Initiative Helps Address Electronic Security Risks InfoSec News
Scared of 'Zombies'? You Should Be InfoSec News
Security UPDATE, May 30, 2001 (fwd) InfoSec News

Wednesday, 30 May

Restoring Sulfnbk.exe InfoSec News
Re: Serving in Silence: NSA's Fallen Comrades Joe Barr
SECURITY ALERT, May 29, 2001: Problem with Microsoft Word Macros; Buffer Overflow in Windows Media Player; Vulnerabilities in eEye SecureIIS InfoSec News
Forced Attrition by Carole Fennelly InfoSec News
Linux Security Week - May 28th 2001 InfoSec News
Intruder cracks VA Linux developer site InfoSec News
Final reminder - 2001 FIRST conference Roger Safian
Hacker helps Excite () Home toughen defenses InfoSec News

Tuesday, 29 May

Re: Serving in Silence: NSA's Fallen Comrades security curmudgeon
Islands in the Clickstream. The Shadow of the Dog. May 27, 2001 InfoSec News
DoS Attack Storms Weather Channel's Routers William Knowles
Serving in Silence: NSA's Fallen Comrades William Knowles
Cyber vandals hit DISA sites InfoSec News
FBI Says Jailed Turncoat Warned of Spy Suspect InfoSec News
Insurer Considers Microsoft NT High-Risk InfoSec News

Sunday, 27 May

Security software crashes Cisco kit InfoSec News
White House site crippled by DoS attack InfoSec News
Top-Secret Agency Breaks 'Silence' InfoSec News
A common language for security vulnerabilities InfoSec News
Worldwide spying network is revealed InfoSec News

Friday, 25 May

Win Media Player hole surrenders your machine InfoSec News
More firms plan for computer woes InfoSec News
Security against hacking to be discussed at workshop InfoSec News
Logitech Wireless Mice & Keyboards Can Be Sniffed InfoSec News
[defaced-commentary] PoisonBOx sets sights on US Military and Gov. servers InfoSec News
NASA still has security gap William Knowles
Russian police bust 63-year-old computer hacker InfoSec News

Thursday, 24 May

FAA awarding security contract InfoSec News
Security UPDATE, May 23, 2001 (fwd) InfoSec News
U.S.'s Defenseless Department InfoSec News
Internet warning system attacked InfoSec News
Multiple flaws in Cisco router software exposed InfoSec News

Wednesday, 23 May

U.S. net-security proposal draws cool industry response InfoSec News
New MS-Word macro warning InfoSec News
Congress to hear status report on Medicare's computer security InfoSec News
Air Force agents tackle security InfoSec News
Report: Internet Security Is VC Hot Spot InfoSec News
Woe Unto White House Site InfoSec News
Study: Sites attacked 4,000 times a week InfoSec News
Dismissed for Chat Room, C.I.A. Workers Speak Out InfoSec News

Tuesday, 22 May

Cross post. Krystalia UD cancer team. InfoSec News
Eighteen months for 'White Hat' Hacker InfoSec News
[defaced-commentary] ATTRITION: Evolution InfoSec News
AntiVirus Information Exchange Network Expands Robert Vibert

Monday, 21 May

Re: Torvalds Blasts Microsoft's Mundie on Open Source. Robert G. Ferrell
ASP security and dispute resolution guidelines released InfoSec News
RE: CRYPTO-GRAM, May 15, 2001 InfoSec News
Iris recognition is best biometric system InfoSec News
DOE Computer Forensic Laboratory First Responder's Manual InfoSec News
Hackers crack A&B site InfoSec News

Friday, 18 May

IT consultant denies 25million pound Web site blackmail InfoSec News
DOT forms cyberthreat alliance InfoSec News
Hackers steal US Marine software via German university computer InfoSec News
Hackers cash in on e-commerce bug InfoSec News
[defaced-commentary] Microsoft Romania Defaced InfoSec News

Thursday, 17 May

NIST launching security review InfoSec News
Law raises fears of SIS set-ups InfoSec News
An Outlook worm to jam NSA's Echelon InfoSec News
Tory Party site 'practically unhardened' - a hacker playground InfoSec News
CRYPTO-GRAM, May 15, 2001 InfoSec News
Security UPDATE, May 16, 2001 InfoSec News

Wednesday, 16 May

Arizona governor vetoes cyber-security bill InfoSec News
Wh00ps again! -- "Weenie" bug resurrected on Yahoo InfoSec News
Who's That Knocking At My Door? Go Away! InfoSec News
Bush considers cybersecurity board InfoSec News
Yet another IIS exploit reported InfoSec News
Interpol's Virus Site Too Fluffy? InfoSec News
Feds still need to define role in tackling cyberterror, panelists say InfoSec News

Tuesday, 15 May

REMINDER: 17th Applications Security Conference - Submissions due 06/11/01 InfoSec News
The May Report: 05/14/2001: Electronic banking security problems at Bank One? (fwd) William Knowles

Friday, 11 May

Intelligence Complex Admits Need For Outside Technical Talent grepcat
Linux Security Week - May 7th 2001 newsletter-admins
Hackers Infiltrate Infosys Web Site InfoSec News
Investigators seek clues to White House Web site attack InfoSec News
Hackers Deface Web Sites; FBI Issues DDoS Warning InfoSec News

Thursday, 10 May

Is it up, or is it down? InfoSec News
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