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Re: Nmap/Ncat 5.50 Dependency Change
From: David Millis <tvtronix () yahoo com>
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 20:12:41 -0700 (PDT)

Here's exactly what I did to get static 2010-built executables that work under earlier Windows versions. I've hardly 
ever touched VC++, so pardon my repeated static-setting and rebuild lines at the end, if there's an abridged 
equivalent. :)

A) Open nmap-5.51/mswin32/nmap.sln
B) Solution-Configuration Manager: Active Config = Release
C) ncat Project-Build Customizations...: masm = true (do before adding .asm's)
D) ncat Project-Add-New Item (C++): pointer.asm
.model flat

__imp__EncodePointer () 4 dd dummy
__imp__DecodePointer () 4 dd dummy

EXTERNDEF __imp__EncodePointer () 4 : DWORD
EXTERNDEF __imp__DecodePointer () 4 : DWORD

dummy proc
mov eax, [esp+4]
ret 4
dummy endp 

E) ncat Project-Properties-Linker-System: Minimum Req Version = 5.0
F) ncat Project-Properties-C/C++-Code Generation: Runtime Library = Multi-Threaded (non-dll)
G) nbase Project-Properties-C/C++-Code Generation: Runtime Library = Multi-Threaded (non-dll)
H) nsock Project-Properties-C/C++-Code Generation: Runtime Library = Multi-Threaded (non-dll)

I) nbase Project-Project Only-Rebuild
J) nsock Project-Project Only-Rebuild
K) ncat Project-Project Only-Rebuild

nmap and nping worked the same way. Libs get MT. Executables get the MinReq and Asm as well.

Since it's been a few messages, the guide I cribbed this from is at:


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